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How does it feels to make money using Google Adsense?

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  • Making Money Online is not an easy task, and that too from Google Adsense is another challenge altogether.

    When we create a website, we are usually not sure what we want to do with it. Usually, the most obvious reason is to make money using Google Adsense or using Affiliate Marketing.

    Several people around the world start their journey of making money online with the most simple step of creating their website. It can be a blog or a product website, but if you are a student like I was a few years back, then most probably you will be thinking to start a blog.

    Now because as a student or someone who is fresher in blogging, you don't have much money to invest, so your first choice will be to go for a free blogging website, and that is "blogger(dot)com". Most people use this website as the starting point in their blogging journey. 

    This is an important and crucial step as well because you will have to start from somewhere, and blogger is one of the best places to start, and because it is a google product, therefore, you also get a good chance of opting in for a Google Adsense account easily if you followed the steps properly.

    So, how do we feel while earning through Google Adsense?
    When you make your website or blog and then apply for Google Adsence, initially you may not even get the approval for the same. But this is not time to be sad. You need to check what are the reasons for not getting approval, and once you receive the approval, you become really motivated to work on your website and blog.

    Then comes the time when you earn your first $0.01 and that is when you feel so proud and you also get a feeling that you will be able to make money using Google Adsense.

    After sometime of working, maybe a year or two, some of you might be able to make $100 which is the payout limit and that will be really exciting because you were waiting for this time, so that you can make money online. This is when your parents and friends will also notice that you were saying correct and that you were not paranoid when you said that you want to pursue blogging as a full time career.

    But this is not true for everyone else.

    Same goes for me, even for working more than 3 years I was not able to make significant amount of money, and I earned merely around $30 even though I gave 3 years of my life to the blog that I had created.

    This is really demotivating sometimes, but we should understand that earnings via Google Adsense is totally dependent on the fact that your website or blog is sticky to your users. Your readers should be able to stick to your website for as much time as possible.

    So, what to do in that case?
    Well, you will receive so many advice about how you can make more money using Google Adsense, but the only trick that works is to make your website more sticky.

    Yes, this is reality. The more people come to your website and stay at your website reading the articles that you have created, the more chances you have to make money using google Adsense. 

    For this, you can do following things;

    1. Write articles that are relevant to your readers and that are also interesting. How about writing blogs on actors, actresses, and TV shows? Maybe IPL or Cricket or Football matches will drive good traffic to your website and make people stay for longer.
    2. Develop web apps that help people in one way or another. This can be achieved by developing tools that are really helpful to your website users. For example, developing BMI calculator will help people know their weight loss progress or developing a tool that can help people manage their finances is one of the great tools.
    3. Writing High Quality content to become authority in your domain is one of the key things that you can do. This can be achieved by writing good articles with data backed stories, that people can refer to anytime they want.
    4. It will also be great to create a website that gives all information about a state in a proper structure, because in that case, you will be able to help the audience of the city or state in one go, and there are a lot of people searching for everything from shops to delicacies in your state. One of the best examples is of Numaish Exhibition that I wrote few months back and that is still helping people to learn more about this exhibition and hence my article is able to attract more people from around the world.
    5. Write articles that are good for tourists and foreigners. This is because most of the time when people search for reviews they usually get automated reviews from tour companies or google. But many people also want reviews from genuine travellers who have travelled to a particular place and that can help them in knowing some shortcuts and local scenes.

    These were some of the ways by which you can increase your Google Adsense earnings and that too by doing some research and work. Againg I would like to say that making a full time earning from Google Adsense is possible because I have seen several people doing it in India as well as abroad, but one should understand that it takes a lot of hard work and patience to achieve that kind of authority, and you should be able to capture your audience, so that you are able to again send them relevant articles to read.

    In conclusion, it feels really amazing to know that you can even make money while you are sleeping, but the reality is that you have to put a lot of efforts in knowing what kind of article will be attractive to your audience, and what will they appreciate, and once you know that, then there is no limit to the amount of money you can generate.


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