Why should we use skincare products instead of skin enhancement products?

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      Dr. Suhul Dhar

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      Many of us keep using makeup products on a daily basis, without realizing the harm that they could cause to us. Our pores in the skin get affected because of the makeup or skin enhancement products used.

      This is also because most skin enhancement products make it difficult for our skin to breathe, because of which skin loses its glow over time. On the other hand, if we keep on using skin enhancement products, these also result in an increased risk of skin diseases or damaged skin.

      There is very less awareness about the use of cosmetic products.

      People from around the world patronize movie stars and other showbiz people and follow them blindly. They start using products that movie or soap opera stars advertise for. This leads to an increased risk of skin issues among the general public, and this is because movie stars might not be using the product that they advertise for.

      It is only a marketing gimmick to persuade people around the world to use a particular brand. 

      On the other hand, if we actually want to look good, and confident, we should first take care of our bodies (skin, hair, and internal organs). It is better to invest in workouts rather than putting a large sum of money into worthless products.

      One can also start using genuine skincare products, that will help in getting rid of dust and debris settled inside the skin pores. This will also help in making you feel good about your skin.

      I have seen girls with dark or pigmented complexion using a lot of makeup to hide their imperfections, but they don't understand that by applying a lot of makeup, they are actually damaging their skin in the longer run.

      It is better to go ahead with good cosmetic products that will be useful for cleansing your skin and are also dermatological safe to use, rather than putting a lot of low-quality foundation just to hide your complexions.

      Also, one should understand that they are unique in their own way, and when they exercise and eat healthily, they are in turn able to achieve beautiful skin and body.

      There are several examples of stars who have chosen to use natural ways of keeping their skin and hair healthy rather than applying a lot of appearance enhancement products as such, and because of this, they are able to live a lifestyle that people only can dream of.

      Having beautiful skin or hair is not a fact of using enhancement products, but about living a lifestyle that will force your body to be in the best condition, and hence it will in turn improve the complexion of your skin and you will start glowing again.

      As there was a revolt against skin brightening creams and products, one should also start being against skin enhancement products that do more harm than good to the skin. This is because several innocent girls and people as such around the world start falling into this trap and they also lose confidence in themselves, as they think that their skin is not at par with other people around them.

      This is a myth and one should understand the fact that skin health is directly related to the balance of everything we have in our lifestyle, like;

      • Exercise
      • Healthy Food, and
      • Rest

      If these three factors are kept under check then one can achieve better skin health and they actually don't require the usage of skin enhancement products at all.

      So, shall we not use skin enhancement products at all?
      I don't say that you should not use them, as it is important to look a bit more than what you already possess for special occasions, but one should also understand that regular use of skin enhancement products will only result in making your skin dull in the longer run.

      Some of the occasions may include;

      • Going to Weddings
      • Special Birthday Parties
      • Anniversaries, etc

      But it should not be our daily habit to put a lot of skin enhancement products on our faces and feel okay about them at the same time. This is because these products block your skin pores and make your skin look wrinkled in the longer run, because of which you are more and more addicted to these products to get that perfect charm, which is next to impossible to achieve.

      Rather one should try and work on their own self, and try to use more natural and skin-friendly or skin care-based cosmetic products that will keep skin healthy for a longer time, and you will grow old gracefully as well.



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