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Holi Celebrations

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Holi Celebrations

Holi celebrations in India is one of the great ways to celebrate small moments with your family and friends. Usually Holi before the Rangpanchami, when everyone plays with colors and water, we burn wood and do parikrama (walk around the burning wood).

Some people throw some food items and some also write their issues and burn them into the fire.

It is believed that we can get rid of our bad habits or issues by writing them on a piece of paper and throwing it into the burning wood. People pray to God for good health and the year ahead.

On the second day of Holi, it is even called Rangpanchami, when people go to each other's homes and play with water and colors. Although not everyone likes to play with colors, it is a great way to socialize if done properly and within respective boundaries.

There are several incidents during Holi when people forcefully throw color and water over each other, which is obviously bad, but now a days these incidents have stopped and people have started playing holi with their family and friends.

I still remember, in childhood, I didn't liked to play holi, as it felt intimidating when someone threw colors, but as we grow older, we realize it is one of the ways by which we can let go off our ego.

I believe Holi and festivals that make us vulnerable teach us an important lesson, and that is "Nothing is in our control', and it is always better to not react when something happens, but take your time and find good in what is happening.

Letting control go is another aspect of this festival, and enjoying with your family and friends is something that makes Holi an important festival.

These are the reasons why people from around the world like Holi and play when they are in India. 

But since some time, several so called reformers have started showing sad side of Holi, and they say that colors used during this time are harmful to nature. We should understand that there are several festivals from other communities that impact environment, but when it comes to festivals celebrated hy Hindus as such, these environmental issues start popping up.

So, it is always better to enjoy your Holi, or one day it might only be available on social media websites and in our photo albums.


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