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Hero Machama Artists

Hero Machama Artists
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Hero' Machama (play/drama) was staged on the occasion of the organization of a school children's play competition held in Tagore Hall Srinagar in memory of the Late Sri. Som Nath Sadhu, was a great broadcaster, playwright, and radio artist.

Artists in Image:
1. Raj Kumar Munshi
2. Santosh Tiku
3. Ramesh Raina
4. Mushtaq Ali Khan
5. Ms. Anjana
6. Name Unknown

Kashmiri pandit society was ahead in several co-curricular activities as well, used to engage in plays and create skits that were also appreciated in several theatres around India.

Several Kashmiri artists started their journey from the valley itself.

Remembering today those good old days encourages several youngsters to explore these avenues as a career.

Recently there was one documentary also created by these artists on the "life of Bagwan Gopinath", and was telecasted on Door Darshan.

Casts also involved;

  1. Anil Kumar Dhar
  2. Rajesh Kaw
  3. Santosh Tiku
  4. Satish Razdan

Although the cast may include several people which we are updating in this article soon, the supporting cast also included Suniel Kumar Dhar & Kamal Kishore Sharma.

Kashmir's diversity and cultural richness have always enchanted the world and it is now in your own hands to establish it as the center of knowledge.


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