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The Accidental Chef

    Mikhail Agapov

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    Chapter 1: The Resort

    Sometimes you cannot just unsee what is happening around you

    As a human, we sometimes forget that we don't have the right to exploit other human beings or any organism as such.

    There are people around the world, who feel as if they are running the world. They usually have a motto;

    My Way or Highway

    These are the people, who are rich and have lots of power, which has been with them unchecked. They reach a position where they think they have lots of power and they can do anything that they want to do.

    There was a similar kind of person in one of the countryside towns. His name was Charles Young.

    Charles Young was working as a General Manager of a Big but corrupt resort. This resort was spread in more than 20,000 acres of land and was a center for all wrong activities that you could think of.

    Big celebrities from around the world used to spend time in this beautiful resort and used to enjoy lavish life that was filled with their ill practices. 

    You name it, Drugs, Prostitution, Money Laundering, everything was done here.

    And the fun part was, no one gave a heck about what was happening inside this resort. Obviously, everyone was fed well, and their mouths were also shut.

    Having said that, this resort property used to hold some big events like Drag Racing, Car Exhibitions, and Rock Concerts as well. Although there were several genuine people working in that resort, the management was corrupt, and never used to give salary on time.

    Employees used to get their salaries once in 3 months, and they were used to it by now.

    It was said, that in past, employees used to wash their hands with packaged drinking water only. But after the Megamind behind this project was sent to prison because of a money fraud he did, this property started getting into trouble.

    But still, they were functioning, as their clients were sending them all the money they required to keep this resort operational. 

    This was the dream project of the owner of this resort and had several other businesses that were falling apart by this time. Most of it is because of government pressure.

    In past, they were so successful that they used to sponsor several sports teams around the world. Sports teams also had their logo on their jerseys.

    During this time, as the owner was spending most of his time in prison, he was not sitting idle, but planning something bigger, as we could see him get to his dream project, every now and then on big days.

    It was obvious that he was getting all the luxury one can in his prison cell.

    Chapter 2: The Beginning
    There is a beautiful Valley, that was famous for its lush green plains and snowy mountains. People from around the world used to come to this place and used to call it;

    Heaven on Earth

    Not knowing when this happened, there had a gap developed between two groups in the local society. People from one group wanted to kill people from other groups and claim their properties.

    Let us call the Right Wings and the Left Wings (Wrong Ones).

    Right-Wing people were educated and were posted in good positions throughout the valley. They belonged to affluent groups and were integral part of the community that was there in the valley.

    Left Wings had come to the valley some centuries back. Most of the Left Wing People were converted forcefully because of brutal attacks and threats by the Left Wing Original People who came from some part of the world and had only one work of preaching their ideologies by hook or by crook.

    Although we can make a person understand, it is impossible to make a community understand that they are doing wrong.

    Communities can agree to rituals like killing and sacrificing humans, just because their "so-called preachers" told them that God will be happy with them if they did this. Also, they even believe in this as they are brainwashed since their childhood about their ideologies.


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