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Packaging of Sun Care Products

    Svetlya Anukudinova

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    The most commonly used packaging materials for sun care products include the following;

    1. Plastic Bottles: 
      The majority of the sunscreens and after-sun preparations are supplied in plastic bottles, usually with a flip-top cap. Some low-viscosity sunscreens as well as sunbathing oils are packed into plastic bottles with a pump head.
    2. Aerosol Cans:
      Aerosol sunscreens are packaged into aerosol cans. These are one-compartment cans, where the formulation and the propellant are mixed. Upon pressing the valve, some of the product is dispensed with the help of the propellant. This type of sprat system produces a much smaller particle size. The multi-position spray nozzles allow for quick and easy application by covering a relatively larger area on the body, so even hard-to-reach areas can be covered much more easily. As discussed earlier, however, attention needs to be paid that enough product is applied to ensure adequate protection.
    3. Wipes:
      Today, even sunscreen wipes are available. These are ready-to-use, prewetted formulations. These are usually packed into soft sachets with either a resealable flap or a flip-top cap. Sometimes, they are packed individually, or placed into plastic containers (similar to hand sanitizer wipes).