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Stearic Acid Suppliers in 2023 | Stearic Acid Suppliers in Maharashtra or Hyderabad | Stearic Acid Suppliers in India

Stearic acid is a long-chain saturated fatty acid. It is also called Octadecanoic acid or Stearophanic acid. It is usually found in various plants and animal fats. It is majorly found as a component of shea butter and cocoa butter. The chemical formula of Stearic acid is C18H36O2.

It is used in several cosmetic and personal care product development therefore its use for cosmetologists is in higher demand.

Several Research and Development professionals require Stearic Acid for their development and this should also be obtained or sourced within the budget prescribed by the management.

These days it has become really difficult to source Stearic Acid for a good value for money because several suppliers and cosmetic raw material repositories have a monopoly over the market, and because of this the new players have to buy Stearic Acid for an expensive price.

thewiki Cosmoline has introduced Cosmetic Raw Material Search Engine, which can be used as a sourcing platform for all cosmetic raw materials and ingredients.

You can just open and start searching for the cosmetic raw materials. You will get multiple options to select from which you can even check whom you want to go ahead with and which supplier provides you with a competitive price for the raw materials that you require.

This is because this search engine is being used by several suppliers around the world to list their raw materials and hence you will be able to check multiple suppliers for the same product in a tabular form, which helps in sourcing raw materials and you also get value for money as you have multiple options available.

Not only Stearic Acid but also several Essential Oils and Fragrances are available from different vendors on this platform. 

These vendors are verified and provide good value for money to the clients and the quality of raw materials are also good, which helps in making good quality cosmetic products to the research and development team and also helps in easy quality check processes because all the documentations are also available with the vendors.

As this is a growing repository or database as well, therefore if you are not able to source any raw material, thewiki Cosmoline team also allows you to send a mail at with your requirements and they source for the raw materials that you require and that too free of cost.

Having said that you can also use this search engine as an INCI dictionary to decode the ingredients name, which again helps in ensuring that you know what all substances are used in which product so that you can also source these same from respective cosmetic raw material vendors.


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