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Thunderstorm in Hyderabad | Several roads in Hyderabad filled with rain water

Thunderstorm in Hyderabad | Several roads in Hyderabad filled with rain water

As we were traveling from Kokapet to Hi-Tech City, we observed heavy rainfall.

The rain was so loud and accompanied by a hail storm as well, because of which our car's windshield was screaming like anything. 

Several two-wheelers were getting hit by hail or maybe small hail which is also termed "olay" in North India or "sleet" in general. It was really difficult for two-wheelers to hide as well, because of the sleets that were falling from the sky.

Then as we crossed Nanakramguda, we saw several roads were filled with water because of rain, because of which we had to go slow, and there were some traffic jams as well.

The bridge connecting Narsingi to Kokapet was also having really slow traffic today. We were there for about 30 minutes, and it was the first time that we saw a traffic jam so huge at this place.

Still, the beauty was this yellow plant that was shining in this beautiful weather.

Actually, Hyderabad needs this kind of weather. If we can ignore the traffic issue, then after a long time we have observed cool and pleasant weather.

This is the right time to have hot coffee on your balcony or go for a walk on the terrace. Also, this is the perfect time to get some pakodas and tea with family.

Sharing the beautiful image of this plant on Narsingi to Kokapet bridge. 

Let us know your experiences with the rain coming these days in Hyderabad in the comment section below.


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