TJS Beauty Secret India Private Limited

TJS Beauty Secret India Private Limited is a cosmetic manufacturing and export firm based out in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

About Company
As per the company's website, their key expertise is in product development or third-party (white label or private label manufacturing). They have constantly connected with B2B (Private Label), E-Tail, Retail, Whole-Sale, Salon, Spa, etc, across India. This helps learn the latest trends in veg formulations to suit all skin types.

Website Information
Their website is developed by IndiaMart, which is an online aggregator of local directories. 

How do contact them?
You can navigate to their contact us form, but you won't be able to see any email id. You can submit your details on a form with your email id and message.

You can also call them on the number provided, which seems from IndiaMart only. 

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