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Someone could soon be killed or injured by falling satellites every two years, US official report warns

I came across this article that says that someone could be at risk of dying or being injured by a falling satellite every other year, according to a new report.

According to them, by 2035, if Space X's Starlink space internet satellites continue to grow in number, then some 28,000 pieces of them will be falling from the sky each year, and they are referring to a report from the Federal Aviation Authority. Also, they continue saying that the chance of surviving its fall to the ground and injuring and killing someone would be 0.6 per year, it said - which would make it likely to happen every once every two years.

Continuing, they also said that it could pose a threat to aircraft. The probability of an aircraft being downed by a satellite would be 0.0007 per year by 2035.

The report was commissioned amid increasing concern about falling space debris, and the vast collection of material that has been put into space in recent years. Companies such as SpaceX are launching more and more satellites each year, and experts have warned that there is a danger of collisions both in space as well as the ground.

The new report aimed to evaluate the risk posed by that falling space debris. It also suggests that some of the danger could be limited with more regulation.

And I believe this is important because we cannot imagine how dirty it would have become in the space while we are sitting on our couch enjoying our shows.

It would be really sad if a satellite fell on some apartment or in a city so as to say, and that will be really late for us to realize and act on something, so we should try and remove as much dirt as possible from our cosmos, because it is only making things difficult for our space agencies as one time will come when we will get trapped in our own atmosphere because we would have left so many satellite parts there and hence space missions will become tough.

So, it is always better to start working on these issues rather than keep it aside as it may take some time to arise. We have seen what happens when we ignore the warning signs, and it is always better to start initially by cleaning our environment rather waiting for it to become a complicated process, because of which several scientific innovations will get limited and it may also create survival issues for humans and other living organisms on earth.


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