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11 ways to reduce premature skin aging

Read this informative article about how to reduce premature skin aging from "The American Academy of Dermatology Association". This was quite helpful in understanding why premature aging skin aging happens, and how to prevent it.

It was mentioned that we can reduce premature skin aging by ensuring that our environment and lifestyle choices are benefiting our skin. If we are cautious about choosing and practicing our lifestyle, then we can slow down skin aging.

Also, it was written that the sun plays a major role in aging, as the UV radiations that are part of the sun's rays increase the aging of the skin.

Below are the pointers that were given in the article to reduce premature skin aging;

1. Protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreens with good SPF, and applying them after every 2 hours.
This is important because sunscreens also have a limited effect on how much they can save your skin from tanning and UV radiation. Therefore, one should invest time in searching for good sunscreens that clearly have written about Ultra Violet Protection Factor (UPF) on their labels.

Also, you should use sunscreens after every 2 hours, and this was recommended by one of my doctors as well because sunscreens have a limited time period effect and it also depends on the situations in which you are using them. For example, if you are using sunscreens on the beach or while playing in the sun, then the intensity of application should also increase. Read the label and instruction guide of the sunscreens carefully to get a better understanding of how much and after how many hours should we reapply the sunscreen.

2. Applying self-tanners is better than getting a tan.
Well, this also seems correct because when you get a tan using the sun or UV beds, you are actually directing yourself under UV radiations, which may cause premature skin aging and also sunburns if done for a long time. So, it is better to use self-tanners rather than get a tan.

3. Stop Smoking.
This is again important to understand because smoking has been associated with premature skin aging signs like wrinkles, dull complexion, etc.

4. Avoid repetitive facial expressions.
Contracting your facial muscles in a specific way may cause wrinkles in those areas.

5. Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.
This is quite self-explanatory, as taking a well-balanced diet will make your skin look much better in the long term.

6. Drinking alcohol may lead to premature skin aging.

7. Exercise helps in reducing the signs of aging.

8. Cleanse your skin gently, and don't rub it after bathing.
You can gently pat dry it. This was something that my doctor also told me because I was having acne and he told me to use a pat dry method rather than rubbing my skin.

9. Ensure that you wash your face twice daily.
This will keep your skin healthy and your pores clean which will slow down the signs of aging.

10. Use facial moisturizers every day.
This will help in keeping your face supple and hence you will not form wrinkles or other signs of aging fast.

11. Stop using skincare products that sting or burn.
Stings or burns depict irritation in your skin, which is obviously not right to use. 

If you like this article, you can read about the same using the bookmark that we have created and read the in-depth article given by AAD. Also, if you feel there are some other tips also, please share them in the comments section below, and we can add them to this article


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