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Peer Pandit Padhshah Reshi Peer Sahib | Everything you need to know about Peer Pandit Pashshsh Reshi Peer Sahib of Jammu and Kashmir | Peer Pandit Padhshah Reshi Peer Sahib from Kashmir Valley


Peer Pandit Padhshah Reshi Peer Sahib resident of Aali Kadal, his father's name was Pt. Govind Joo Koul Khashoo was born near Sopore in a boat in the year 1637.

Due to the ill health of his father, his grooming was done by her mother. At the age of 7 Reshi Peer was married. His father's demise happened soon after the marriage. 

On reaching his 12th year, he almost severed his connection with the materialistic world and used to indulge in meditation and spiritual activities, as he was very much inclined towards spirituality from his childhood.

Reshi Peer Ji was a devotee of Mata Sharika and used to visit Hari Parvat in Srinagar in the early morning daily. According to legends, Mata Sharika gave him darshan and advised him to search for a Guru, and ordered him that when he will proceed from her asthapan, the first person he will see on the way, will be his Guru. 

When he left her asthapan, he met Pandit Krishan Kar and he adopted him as his spiritual guru. Today his ashram is situated in Batyar Aalikadal.

His both legs were affected by weakness, and he used to live in the same ashram at Batyar. 

Unlike others, Peer Pandit was a family monk and he used to obey his mother and also had a son. He was a Siddha and had done several miracles which even now are famous.

His miracles include his mother's wish to visit Ganga, and through a miracle, he made her bathe in Ganga at Batyar, Aalikadal itself. Reshi Peer was a karma yogi Saint. 

He always used to guide his people through spiritual discourses, on how to align with the supreme being in their day-to-day lives. His guru gave him the title of "Peer Pandit Padhshah" when he meditated for long fourteen years. 

After the turmoil in Kashmir Valley in 1990, his followers also built an ashram at Tope Shairkhania Jammu, which is visited by his followers regularly.


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