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Rolling Stone Gathers No Weight

Rolling Stone Gathers No Weight

I have seen people saying that they are not happy with where they are right now in their life and that they are trying their best to land somewhere and start their careers.

But when asked about their career choices, they still say, "I am exploring my interests".

Well, one should understand that when you are not clear about what you are interested in, you will keep on going from one place to another in search of your interest and to find the meaning of your life.

Why is settling down important?
There is an age for everything in this universe. When you are a kid, it's fine to lose interest in your games or studies, and it's totally fine when you are in your teenage to lose interest in the subjects or hobbies that you were mad about at some point in time.

But when you have grown up, and you have started working professionally, now is the time to introspect where you want to go, and what you want to stay with.

How to find what is your interest?
I have faced this difficulty and I can suggest a way to do it. Usually, we feel that we are interested in one thing, because we are influenced by a movie or some event in our life, and the other time, we just want to do something else.

But we should understand one thing hobbies are something that we take out time from our busy life to pursue.

Therefore, to find out your areas of interest or your hobbies, take out some time to sit alone and write about the things that you love the most. These should include things that you do every day, and you take out time from your busy schedule to do them. 

No matter what happens, you do these all things. For example, I was always passionate about computers, programming, and writing.

I used to write or create a new application or create a sample website every day without even thinking. Even on my job, I used to play around using HTML and notepad. This was refreshing for me, and although my work was more clerical, and not that technical, I used to play around in my leisure time on my computer.

Also, when I was working in a Hotel, doing all the manual and labor work, I still used to think about the next big thing that I can create using a computer or even my mobile phone.

So I will suggest writing down every single interest that you have and for which you take out time from your busy schedule, but I am not talking about sleeping or drinking.

When you have jotted down all the points that interest you, try to figure out what you like the most out of these. For example, I used to love Martial Arts and Computers both, but I can pursue only one as a career and the other as my hobby or something for refreshment.

So I thought of making my career in computers and I use Martial Arts as a way to refresh myself.

I have found my interest, so what should I do now?
This is again a very important question because we sometimes don't know what to do with our interests even if we know we love doing something.

It happened to me because I didn't have good marks in my school, so I wasn't able to take admitted for computers subject, therefore I had to work in Hotels to gain experience and save some money for my higher education.

You, if you are also facing a similar situation like me, try to find some course that is at least close to your field. For example, in my case, I thought of going towards Data Analytics, as it was closest to the computer field.

Even if I would have to go with Martial Arts, I could have gone towards Physical Fitness Course, which would have helped me in reaching my goal.

Now fast forward to the present time, I am working for a big multinational company and earning a good salary, which wouldn't have been possible if I wouldn't stand my ground, and worked hard on my skills.

How does rolling stone gathers no weight fit here?
Rolling Stone Gathers No Weight is the best example of a person who tries everything in his or her life, and never settles for anything, because of which he or she never gains sufficient experience in a field, and suffers all life long.

This is important to understand because it's fine to search for our interests and hobbies till some age, say 25, but after that, you should be able to focus on something that you love to do, and at the same time that interests you as well.

I might say one thing, If I can become a Data Scientist even with a Hotel background, then you can also become a doctor with an engineering background. You just need to have passion and love in whatever you pursue.

You just need to focus all your energy and your time on the one thing that you are passionate about.

Even if you don't see the results in a short period, just trust yourself and work hard in your field, and you will see how easily you will be able to achieve your goals. 

It is just like brushing your teeth. You don't see the results instantly, but in the long run, you know that you are going to be healthy.

I am working on my dream to connect creators around the world, and I am doing so with the help of my technical knowledge and writing.

This is because I have found a way to combine two of my interests in such a way that people like the way I work. They can see the love and passion that I put into working on my projects.

And this is important because when you love doing something, you do innovations and hence you want to do it more often.

This is again important because when you love something, you don't want to leave it, and hence your experience increases, because of which your value in the job market also increases.

As we have already discussed, that person who stays in a job or career gets experienced, and they usually know how to carry out work, hence their value in the organization also increases over time.

But when people leave organizations, which is also known as job-hopping, this is when they start losing touch with what they love to do and then their downfall starts.

If you are in the pit, and you have already done mistakes like these, then you need is a small push, and you can learn to fly again, without any difficulty, but one thing you would keep in mind is that you need to stay where you are.

Don't leave your job just because the boss is not good, or the other company is going to give you a 15% hike. Be with a company to create your value, and you will see yourself, and how the organization that you are associated with will provide you benefits because you are essential to their success.

This can also be said for any business that you are planning to launch. Don't think of your business as a startup, a startup mentality is something that kills most startup dreams, but thinks of your business as a long-term business, or marriage.

This is important because startups that get big investments don't know how to manage their finances and they end up losing more money than they make, therefore first work on the basics of your business and then think of getting investments.

Also, you should be ready to invest time in anything of interest that you pursuing, because time is what gets you experience and of course the hands-on knowledge of the domain that you are working in.

This proverb was told by my dad to me that "Rolling Stone Gathers No Weight", and this seems so true because when you are rolling from one place to another, like a rolling stone, it is easy to change its direction or speed of going, but when a stone hits the bottom, it stays there, and it becomes very tough to move it.

Therefore, it is important to understand that we should gain weight, and by weight, I mean to say experience, because having experience is much more important than having theoretical knowledge, and we can only gain experience in any work that we do is with the help of hands-on work that we do.

Hence one can say that we should focus on what interests us because you would want to get settled in a domain that is of your interest and not something that you don't understand.

So, you should first think about the things that you want to pursue and then work hard to reach your goals, and also gain experience in your field over time. This is because experience is something that makes us feel better and also gives us the arsenals to fight with demons of unemployment and career stoppage.


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