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Why being a saint is not necessary to reach heaven? | Is becoming a Saint better than living a normal life?

Many people around the world believe that we can only go to heaven or will be successful on our judgment day when we have followed a path of a saint.

There are examples of people that leave their families behind and go to mountains or forests to gain fundamental knowledge of life. They spend their entire lives moving from one place to another to explore the world and preach their learnings.

And many of us follow them blindly.

I became motivated to write this article because I feel that every human on this planet and beyond is working hard to maintain the balance of nature, and we should not compare the lives of ordinary humans with the ones that have chosen the path of devotion.

Are Saints running away from their fundamental duties as a human?
Well, I believe humans have created rules, and rules are meant to be broken. But the issue arises, when we start comparing the journey of a Saint person with a normal human being.

Now when I say "normal", I am not saying that the person is less than the Saint, but I am pointing out the fact that he has not chosen to take a different path.

I believe that Saints or the people who leave their families and friends can be of two types;

  1. The selfish ones: 
    Although being a saint is not being selfish, and they preach so many good things around the world. But when I say selfish, I say people who leave their families and friends just for themself, as they believe they are better than them all, and that they know this world and the shortcut to nirvana.

    This is important to understand, a person who leaves his family and friends behind to search for ultimate peace, only settles down as a preacher and nothing else.

    People that are not selfish, would rather go to forests, and mountains, and live there as a sage without thinking about the benefits that they can get from the material world.

    But what happens, in reality, is that people who choose to live as a saint or sages usually end up as a preacher, and live a lavish life, enjoying all the benefits that an unemployed person can never dream of.
  2. The ones that are not capable of taking out human responsibilities:
    Although most of the things that I am going to write in this article will be controversial, this is what I believe.

    I believe the people who are not able to take out normal family responsibilities, leave their homes in search of an easy way to spend their life. But this again takes them to the dead end, where they have to work as a preacher or something like that to eat food or to make a living.

    I have seen people in big positions or affiliated with some political parties, who leave their families, just because they are not capable enough to take out their responsibilities.

Why do people admire Saints or Sages?
I can't stand the fact that people admire and trust a person, who is the best example of how one can derail human civilization.

This is because people who have left their families and loved ones were the people who wanted to be happy and alone. They didn't want to spend their energy raising good kids, but they wanted to be alone and respected. And because they didn't have anything to excel in, so they start devoting their time to the service of God, and not to the Human Kind.

Do you think God wants you to live alone in forests? Or does he wants you to work hard and help your family lead a happy life?
Why would have God made you human?

There are 3 phases in a human's life;

  1. Learner: Being a learner means that you are a kid, and you are working hard to learn all the complexities of the world, by attending your classes in school, and then going ahead with a college degree.
  2. Family Person: Then next phase is when you are working professionally and raising your family. This is an important phase of your life because you are contributing to this world using good humans that will call you mom or dad. 

    This is again important you are responsible for guiding your kids in the right direction, even though several difficulties that may come across.
  3. Nirvana: This is the stage when you have taken out all of your responsibilities, and now you are waiting for your ultimate goal - to reach nirvana.

    This is again important because you have lived through all the phases of human life, and now you are experienced enough to guide other people through this life.

Now think carefully, are people with this experience more capable of preaching the path to satisfaction and nirvana, or are the people who have skipped essential stages and have directly tried to reach step 3?

This is simple to understand and is self-explanatory as well. Because people who have gone through every phase of human life, say; childhood, teenager, adolescence, and old age are more capable of guiding others in leading a successful life.

These are the people who have first-hand experience of all the phases of life, and they know what is right and what is wrong.

They have good knowledge of how to manage a family successfully, and hence they are also able to manage the groups or nations that they lead.

Why do we have to bring this mindset?
I had recently read a book, that stated, "I am 50% of a human because I left my family and friends to go for the service of God".

And this is true, and honest things hurt.

There is no need to leave everything behind to pursue something. God is not playing with us, he hasn't created us to watch how we deal with the next big pandemic.

He has created us to balance everything and lead a successful human life, and that is what we should do. We should not run away from our responsibilities, and leave our old parents or wife hanging without hope.

This is as bad as leaving someone to die alone.

Although several things in this article are not correct, but this is what I am - "an imperfect person", who is in a quest to find the essence of life, and the value we bring to it.

Therefore, there is always a scope to edit this article and provide more details about what is right and what is wrong.

If you feel that I have missed something, or if you have something else in mind, you can post the same in the comments section below. Thanks for reading this article, and I wish you a successful life ahead.



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