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What comes first, a day or a night?

This is a tricky question, and the more we think, the more complicated it can get. 

Many people believe that it is a question that has same beginning that of the question that we usually ask;

What came first? Hen or its egg?

Before we move ahead, we should understand that day and night are not part of the entire universe, and how light refracts through our atmosphere is different from how it refracts from other planets' atmospheres.

Therefore, when we ask, what came first, a day or a night, we are referring to the planet earth.

How does religion explain what came first, a day or a night?
Several different religions interpret what came first, a day or a night. As some say, God asked day to come, and everywhere humans could see a day, and some religions took a more scientific approach and said that it came from nothing.

How does science answer the question, what comes first, day or night?
As per science, there was nothing when the Big Bang happened, and then the first thing that was ever produced was energy in the form of light. 

This was the time when first something appeared out of nowhere.

So, when we fast forward to the later part of the universe's age, we go ahead to the time when the earth was still young, and there was nothing on this planet, and we could only see the night sky, lightened up by showering asteroids.

 And when the first clouds appeared because of dust and water vapors on planet earth, then again there was darkness all around, which again gives hint to the fact that the night sky was the first to win this race.

Conclusion - So what came first? Night or Day?
As we move to the conclusion, I usually think, why do we want to know what came first, a day or a night.

Even if we are going to count these day and night cycles, we are not going to do anything with this data.

Having said that, we can conclude with the help of all the above theories and philosophies that Night came before Day. 

And this is awesome to know because several children all around the world might be thinking about the same question, day in and day out, and these young minds will also be the ones that will become scientists and will give answers to complicated theories.

There are several websites as well which will give different explanations for this fact, but we can make out the meaning with the help of tracing back the issues.

This is again important, because questions or problems may look big, but we can easily get solutions if we try and trace them back step by step. Although it might take time to get answers, we will surely get them.


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