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How to lose weight at home?

This pandemic worldwide has made people realize that health is their only wealth. And several people have started working out on their bodies, and, normally, every one of us wants to lose weight as soon as possible.

You may have a goal to lose 10Kg in 1 Year, but you should have smaller goals to track your progress. Having a weekly goal to see if you are moving in the right direction will motivate you to work hard and reach the results sooner.

This way you will also develop new eating and physical activity habits that will assist you in living a healthier lifestyle. These habits may aid in the maintenance of your weight loss over time.

Below are the steps that you can take to lose your weight at home, and track your progress in a week;

  1. Consult your physician before planning to lose weight: Before you start to lose weight, it is a good practice to consult your physician and discuss any weight loss plan or diet.

    They are the best people to guide you about your weight and strategies that can help you healthily lose weight. Also, they might be able to tell you about any complexity that you may have to consider before losing weight. 
  2. Track your progress before starting to lose weight at home and after a set period: This step is crucial, as tracking things means that you can change external factors that are affecting your weight.

    You may notice, that when you get rid of certain kinds of food products, then your weight starts to lose even faster, and in the case of some other food products, you may gain weight.

    Also, try to track your weight and progress digitally. Capture your image before starting the weight loss program on your phone, and also write down your weight in an excel sheet. Do it every week on the same day, and at the same time for some time.

    Tracking your progress motivates you to work hard, and when you see the results, you are even more energized to work on yourself.
  3. Set realistic goals: Many people set goals that are not achievable in a small duration of time. For example, you may want to look like Arnold down the line, which is possible, but if you are trying to lose weight, understand that Arnold's body is more about building muscles.

    Instead of setting an unrealistic goal and worrying about them, set an achievable goal and strive to achieve it. Set realistic and achievable goals like "I want to lose 1 Kg in one week".

    Don't go for dangerous goals and say that "I will lose 15 Kgs in a week", as this can be harmful and discourage you when you don't reach that specific goal.
  4. Avoid Dieting influenced by others: You may have watched an actor say, "I used to eat only an apple a day, and nothing else. This is the secret to me losing weight for XYZ Movie".

    And this is something that encourages millions of people to do the same thing. But this is not the way we should go ahead, as these are dangerous, and always hard to achieve.

    These influencers or celebrities have professionals working with them 24/7, and they know how much to eat and which things to eat. So, diets to avoid include, liquid diets, celebrity weight loss challenges, only fruit diets, etc.

    Programs that promise to help you lose 10 or more Kg in a week may be tempting, but they are not worth your time, energy, and money, and can even harm your physical and mental health.
  5. Don't set a restrictive diet: You need to eat at least 1200 calories a day to avoid setting your body into starvation mode. Weight loss is not about punishing yourself or enduring a diet that you hate. 

    A healthy long-term weight-loss diet should be nourishing, enjoyable, and provide you with the energy you need to feel your best throughout the day.
  6. Drink lots of water: Water is beneficial for weight loss. It is completely calorie-free, helps you burn more calories, and may even suppress your appetite if consumed before meals. It is a simple way to cut back on sugar and calories.
  7. Avoid High Saturated Fat (HFSS) Foods: Limit the number of cool drinks you drink or added sugar you consume. These things can cause you to gain more weight and give you extra calories you don't need.
  8. Have a healthy diet: You should eat a variety of foods to get a variety of vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are naturally nutrient-dense foods. Every meal should have at least one serving of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fiber.
  9. Choose healthy snack options: Most of us feel hungry even after having lunch in a while, and to compensate for that hunger, we end up chewing some toffies or cookies, which are loaded with sugar.

    Instead of snacking on cookies or chips, replace your snack drawer with fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges. These will help you lose weight, and will keep you full for a longer duration of time.
  10. Exercise Regularly: There is no way around exercising. Even though you take care of all the steps listed here, you will still have to save some time for exercise.

    You can start your day with some Yoga, and stretching, then go towards more intense exercises like Pushups, and Burpees. Including cardio and running will help you kick start your metabolism in the morning and you will be able to lose weight much faster.
  11. Have your friends or family members in your training program: Participating in a weight loss program with a group of friends may result in greater weight loss than doing the same program alone. When you have support, it is much easier to stick to a weight loss and exercise plan. 

    Have your family members join, or if you are a couple, workout together. 

    Go for long walks in the evening, when the sun starts setting down, and you will feel refreshed like anything.
  12. Get enough sleep at night: Adequate sleep is essential to weight loss. Normally humans require a sleep of 7 to 9 hours per night. Better sleep means more weight loss, reduced hunger, and high energy levels.

Weight loss has become difficult for several people around the world, especially in the work from home time, when we are just eating and doing our work from our home office.

We have started a new normal, which involves less movement of our body, and this is contradictory to how we can become fit.

Therefore, it is important to work out and follows the above steps to lead a happy and healthy life. After 2 to 4 weeks, you will be able to see the results yourself, and your energy levels will also be high.


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