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What are under eye fillers? | Are under eye fillers safe?


Eye Fillers are used to removing circles, lines, or hollows under the eyes to make the eyes look more smooth. Many people who have puffy eyes or tired-looking eyes undergo under-eye fillers.

Usually getting plenty of sleep, cutting back on salt, and taking care of your skin can help prevent bags and dark circles under the eyes. Also, makeup or a colorful pair of sunglasses can hide this common skin issue.

So what are under-eye fillers?
Under-eye fillers are targeted injections of hyaluronic acid in an area under the eye in order to minimize unwanted dark circles, likes, and wrinkles.

Under-eye fillers can be used anywhere around the eye where there is an undesired wrinkle or defect. 

What are the different types of under-eye fillers?

  1. Crow Feet Filler:
    A dermal filler may be used to soften the lines that fan out from the outside corners of your eyes that may deepen when you smile or laugh.
  2. Tear Through Filler:
    This filler may be used to smooth out the curved line under your eyes that starts at the inside corner of the eye and runs down toward the cheek.
  3. Under-Eye Wrinkles Filler:
    This filler may be used to erase or soften any other fine lines and wrinkles underneath the eyes. The skin underneath the eye is very thin and prone to wrinkles.

Is under-eye filler really effective?
It depends on several factors. People with thicker, smoother skin may have better results than those with thinner, more wrinkled skin. One should also keep in mind that fillers may remove the wrinkles or puffiness, but would not be able to change the color of the skin underneath the eyes.

It is better to consult a good dermatologist and ask for the results or before and after images to get an idea of the difference that you might be expecting, and don't just believe in images that are spread across the internet.

Also, Under-Eye Fillers might be expensive, as dermatologists usually charge per injection dose that they are going to give to their patients, so it's better to check with them before getting into any such procedure.

How long do under-eye fillers last?
Hyaluronic acid under-eye fillers typically last between 6 months to 12 months before they need to be redone. The length of the filler may also depend upon the brand used or the underlying dermal procedures used, and obviously, the aftercare makes difference.

Is under-eye filler safe to use?
Although under-eye fillers are safe to use, they should be done by experts and hence you should check the best dermatologist that can guide you with the process properly.

Having said that, they also need to ensure that the material in these injections doesn't enter the blood vessels, which might also cause blindness. So it's a really caution-driven process that should be done under strict observation of an experienced dermatologist.

Also, you should also check with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon if you have any allergies to any kind of material.

So if you want to undergo an under-eye filler, you should consult your doctor for some good dermatologist reference, and then also ask as many questions as possible so as to be sure that you are good to go ahead with your procedure.


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