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How was Cosmo Home Tech Expo 2022? | Cosmo Home Tech Expo 2022 in Mumbai - Bombay Exhibition Ground on 21st and 22nd April 2022


Cosmo Home Tech Expo is one of the biggest exhibitions that take place in India every year, for cosmetics, personal care, and the healthcare sector.

Professionals from around the world come to this expo and share their ideas, innovations, and raw materials. Therefore, this expo also becomes one of the most important events for cosmetic marketing companies and raw material vendors.

This year, the cosmo tech expo was organized at Bombay Exhibition Ground, Mumbai, on 21st and 22nd April 2022.

This expo consisted of more than 70 vendors from different verticals of personal and home care.

Some of the companies that I was personally able to meet were;

  1. Arxada
  2. Mintel
  3. Avees Bio Cos
  4. Yasham
  5. Carbomers
  6. Gogia Fragrances
  7. C J Shah
  8. Kamani Group
  9. Sarvottam Group
  10. Pioma

There are only a few companies that we have listed here, and many people will also say that Mintal is not a cosmetic company. Yes, that's true but Mintel provides Market Research Services to cosmetic companies, and they also had a stall at this expo.

Raw Material companies like Yasham had introduced innovative products like Pure Ghee Skin Care Products, Tea in Kullhad, Khandvi, etc.

These all products were part of their cosmo-food exhibits. These products represented food items but were used for skincare or hair care. 

Similarly, other companies had also introduced different innovative products like nanomolecular serums, which had much more effect on our skin as compared to other products that are on the market.

Some products were really good and were made to cure different skin conditions that were not possible in past.

Having said that the stalls were also beautiful, with proper distance between all the stalls. Although the cafeteria area was a bit small than it used to be in past.

This event is one of the biggest ones organized to ensure that we have proper networking opportunities in India for the cosmetic industry, and professionals that work in the cosmetic industry seem to take part in these events, as this also helps them in getting details about innovations in the cosmetic market, or in procuring raw materials for the same.

This also becomes important because, after the pandemic, there were several companies around India, that had just come up and required good networking and marketing to showcase their products and services.

As professionals in the cosmetic industry tried connecting with everyone in the stall, some people gave presentations in the VIP lounge.

If you are a start-up or even have good market coverage, events like these help in creating new connections and ensuring you can explore new opportunities.

Some students were doing internships, and this helped them in making connections and getting a job in the company of their choice.

This also provided an opportunity for the young minds to show their innovation in the cosmetic industry in both research and development and marketing.

Even though this is an event where we get to know new companies and the innovations they do, we also were able to see people from the same colleges or educational institutes that met there and made some awesome memories.


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