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Why are cosmetics or makeup essential for society?

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For several years people around the world have been using cosmetics daily. You can read about the history of cosmetics by clicking here. We are not going to go deep into it.

Initially, as normal humans in society, who are not into show business, we're not supposed to wear too much makeup. But as we have advanced in technology and as the awareness about cosmetic products has increased, people have started using cosmetics daily.

Present society has redefined the normality of the usage of cosmetic products. 

Why do we have differences in the usage of cosmetics in men and women?
When we check the history, it seems that men had to go hunting and didn't have much time for personal care and beauty. Also, beauty was seen as a feminine character.

But this all is changing now.

Men have become more aware of why is it important to keep their personal hygiene in place. Men's with good cosmetic usage also seem confident and are accepted more in the corporate world.

Freedom to express
Makeup and cosmetics seem fine as an expression, as an art, as fun, and many other things. The use of cosmetics also reflects the freedom to express or freedom to choose.

In several countries/nations where cosmetics are not allowed/encouraged because of one reason to another, we can observe that "freedom to the choice or express oneself" is also curbed.

Several monarchies have this thing and people are not allowed to explore their beauty. Only the people in power are allowed to use cosmetic products, which again questions someone's freedom of choice.

Why are cosmetic products/makeup essential in society?
So to club these all things, one can jot down some points to show why cosmetics/make up are essential in a society, like;

  1. It makes humans in society look confident.
  2. It helps in exercising "freedom to express and choice".
  3. It motivates and inspires people in a society.
  4. It helps people to focus on other essential things like strategizing and taking decisions, rather than one's appearance.
  5. It helps in reducing the risks of people losing themselves in mental breakdowns because of some skincare or haircare issues. This is because cosmetics or makeup products can help to mask or treat some of the issues.
  6. It is a way to highlight our features.

Although many people around the world might think that using cosmetic products or makeups are a way to hide identity and is unnatural, but one has to understand that it also helps in exercising our freedom of choice and express.

This again gives us confidence to work better in this competitive world.


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