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How to reverse damage done by makeup?


Your cosmetic kit can stir the appearance and health of your skin. It can leave you with age spots, deep wrinkles, sagging skin on your face, or maybe blemishes and dark spots too. So, be careful before and after applying makeup, you must remove it before going to bed.

I know, we all love to apply a flick of eyeliner or kajal and a touch of foundation. This is because it gives us a pleasing look. But there is also an effect of it. The makeup which we apply can have many harmful effects. They can damage our skin to some extent. This article is going to include the damages of skin, which are caused by makeup.

The Harmful Effects of Makeup on Your Skin
Acne - The Most Common
Acne is commonly experienced by people as an effect of using makeup. You may have faced suffocation due to a blocked nose. Now, you think about your skin when you apply makeup to it, the pores of the skin that are present on the skin's layers become clogged due to makeup liquids or powder-like foundation, compact, etc. It leads to the formation of blackheads, which might eventually break out in the form of facial acne.

Premature aging
The fact is, while a large population of the world uses makeup, a few know how to apply them correctly. How many times have you got that perfect mascara wing for your eyes? Do you remember all those times that you rubbed your face with foundation too hard and quick? If you don't use them gently, then you just abuse your skin. Which turns into an aging sign, or develops fine lines and wrinkles on your facial skin. In addition, certain chemicals in these products aggravate further problems.

Skin Allergies
Nothing is worse than not being able to avoid itching your skin. Itchiness, redness, and skin allergies mean your skin is irritated. Makeup products, and especially those with water, come with preservatives. Chemicals like parabens are added to prevent bacteria from growing in them. In terms of their effects on the body, parabens are known for all the wrong reasons. They are widely popular to trigger allergic reactions and are also hormonal balance disruptors.

Skin Discoloration
Cosmetic products that are not regulated and contain low-quality ingredients, can cause skin discoloration. Most of these products have a mix of thousands of chemicals, any of which could be reacting with your skin. Patches, uneven skin, and freckles are part and parcel of using products heavy with chemicals.

In a nutshell, we depend on makeup to cover up our flaws, only to let it exaggerate our skin anomalies. Ironic, right? Most damages of the makeup on the skin are noticed when we’re not well-aware

If you’re someone that uses makeup regularly and is looking for some answers, read on.

Here are some tips on how you can tackle the side effects of your makeup:

Check ingredients
Next time, when you're going to buy some cosmetics, check their ingredients like fragrance, oil, and parabens.

Clean your brushes
To prevent bacteria, often clean your makeup brushes.

Know your skin
The most important thing is that you know your skin first and then buy a makeup kit accordingly. Keep makeup kits your own, don't borrow or use others. Because everyone has a different type of skin and not everyone uses the same cosmetics products. So, don't borrow from others if you forget to carry.

Face cleansing
Face cleansing, before applying makeup and removing it before bed is essential to save your skin. Leaving makeup on the face can cause imperfections when left unclean for long hours.


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