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How can you start a blog and earn money using Google Adsense?

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We all start our blogs with a great deal of enthusiasm. But the issue is always that we don't know where we have to go, as there are so many videos, blogs, and how-to blogs that we actually get confused with how to go ahead and start our blogs or a YouTube channel for that matter.

Many people also say that blogging is dead and this is why most of us actually don't start in the first place. We will have to understand one thing before jumping to some conclusion. That there are many websites out there that are actually making money with blogs and advertisements. To prove this, I am going to share with you all my journey towards earning the first dollar with my own website.

Yes, there are several mistakes that I did, which you can actually avoid in launching your website and writing blogs to achieve success in earning money through Adsense.

Why are we talking about Google Adsense in particular?
If you are asking this question, then you are right on spot. We actually don't really need Google Adsense to monetize our blogs. There are several other means of doing it. For Example,

  1. Affiliate Blogging
  2. Selling Your Own Product & Services
  3. Promoting Other's Content for some Profit
  4. Selling Online Courses
  5. Keeping Premium Registrations, etc.

I am not going to explain about the above ones because it will take us away from our topic and those all are actually covered enough on several websites. Therefore, when we are talking about specifically Google Adsense, there are several reasons;

  • Google Adsense is one of the oldest advertisement companies that provide an opportunity to monetize your blogs or websites.
  • You would have heard about Google Adsense as a kid and have always wanted to use it on your blogs or website to earn money.
  • Google is the most widely used search engine, that serves advertisements to its users in the best possible way.
  • Google is trusted.
  • Also, because it has been since so many years in the market, their interface has become much more user and publisher-friendly. This means that we can create advertisements and arrange them around our website in a much easier way.
  • Most of the time, you require google Adsense activated to apply for other advertisement agencies.

The last point is the main reason why I want you all to focus now on Google Adsense. This is because most of the big and premium ad companies want you to have already approved google Adsense account or google analytics on your website.

So, how is this blog different from any other blog?
This blog is actually going to be a game-changer because I am going to provide you step with step idea to actually create a blog and know exactly how much time it can take to for you to get approved from google and how to actually start advertisements.

How to start your blogging career?
Most of us start blogging because we like to write, and we actually like listening to the voice of the keypad while typing. This is important because blogging is something that you should really like before heading towards this career.

You should be really passionate about writing, or else you will only be able to see yourself struggling day in and out.

Think thrice before choosing this career path. Ask yourself these three questions;

  1. Are you willing to devote 2 to 4 hours daily or more to this hobby?
  2. Are you willing to write articles or blogs on your holidays and weekends?
  3. Will you be able to stay motivated even if you didn't saw any progress in the first place?

If the answer to any of this question is no, then it is better to drop out of this idea beforehand, because you are most probably going to waste your time and resources on some website or blog post, which is not going to mature.

Starting Line
Now after you have decided that you are ready to go ahead in this career and you are determined to become a full-time blogger, start working on a writing plan.

Here are few steps to get you started;

  1. Open a blogger account or website: Open your account with any good blogging website or purchase your own website and install any website builder tool like MediaWiki, Word Press, Elgg, etc. The reason I ask you to use any tool is that I believe success is not a system-oriented thing. You can earn a lot of money using any free blogging website or you can lose money by investing in something that you are not sure about.
  2. Spare time for blogging/writing articles: So after you have created your account, make sure that you are segregating your time and defining a time for writing. This is important because you will have to write with full focus. There are several things happening around us and we need to ensure that we are not deviating from our target.
  3. Select a niche or just start writing: There are several times when we are not able to decide about a particular niche and that is totally fine. You can write about anything you want. It might happen that someday you are motivated about life and the other day you are more focused on Advance Excel. Just try to segregate them using tags or proper headings. If you have a niche then that's great. But here we want to write something that we are passionate about, hence it's totally fine, it's just that we need to start writing, no matter what.
  4. Write at least 30 to 40 blogs in a month: Now, this target is absolutely important. Here, you will have to understand that you are not taking quality for a toss. Try to write one blog every day. It is not that difficult, you just need to do some research about everything that you want to write about.
  5. Keep on writing & wait for 1 year: There will be several websites or bloggers that may say you can get good traffic in one month and that you can start making money after 2 months itself. But the truth is that you will have to write blogs every day for around a year to see any result creep in. This is because websites take time to rank on search engines. 
  6. Write More: Write articles day in and out. This is important because you need to ensure that you have a base that all the search engine crawlers find.
  7. Keep your articles or blogs around 1500 words: This is again an important step that many of us skip. Time has gone by when search engines used to search for keywords. Now they are searching for blogs or articles that actually cover everything about a particular keyword. For example, if you are writing about - How to get rid of Acne? - Write everything about it. Ensure that you have written about food products that might cause acne and also about how they can be treated. Don't leave anything in between. This is because, if I am searching for a particular topic, I want an article that provides me A to Z for that issue.
  8. Write articles to help users: Also, after writing several blogs and articles, we find that many people are not able to achieve good traffic and hence are not able to monetize the website. This may be because your articles are mostly for self-introspection or only for selling. These are not providing any value to the reader. Try to create articles or blogs, that serve your users. People want a solution to their issues, and if they get what they want from your blog, they would like to come again for more.
  9. Draft How-to Articles: While drafting articles, try to answer how-to questions. The answer is given in the 8th point itself. People want solutions to their questions and questions are the best way to start with because people are trying to get answers to questions only.
  10. Update Your Articles: You will have to update your articles as well. This is because like everything else blogs and articles are susceptible to rust. When you write articles, those might be fine with the current scenarios, but as you grow, you will have to ensure that you update them with new information. Search engines are fans of articles that are old but have activity in between. This shows that articles are being edited as per the required standard and hence search engines again start to crawl them and understand how those have changed over time. This increases the organic growth of your articles.
  11. Don't leave Hope: Writing Blogs and Articles is not a one-time job. You will have to do it on a day-to-day basis for at least one year. Then your article will get some traction and you will start observing that your articles are ranking on SERPs.

How much traffic can you expect after 6 months of continuous blogging?
You will have to understand that after you have started writing blogs, you will start getting awesome moments when you will see the first 5,000 page views.

Understand that only unique visitors are not important, you need to check for page views as well. 

After 5 to 6 months of writing blogs, you can expect around 2000 to 3000 visitors per month, but the number of page views that you may get will make all the difference.

In my initial days, I was getting 2000 unique visitors, but only a few pages views because most of the visitors were coming from social media networks, who were opening the blog and closing it. 

They were not going through the content of the blogs. I did some tweaks and tried to make my blogs better, then as the website reached 5 to 6 months, I started getting around 1,00,000 page views per month.

So, in the last 3 months, I have gained around 3 lakh page views, and that is important, which shows that people are coming back to the website as they are getting more informative content. 

So if you follow the above plan and wait for 5 to 6 months, you should also be able to get page views of around 50,000 to 1,00,000.

Can we monetize our blogs now?
You can monetize blogs even on 10,000 page views, but it totally depends upon the content that you have and the visitors that you are getting.

You need to ensure that you have constant traffic coming from google and other websites or through email marketing, which will allow your website to rank well on search engines.

How to monetize my blog with Google Adsense?
Now you have reached the point when you can actually go ahead and apply for a Google Adsense account.

Follow the below steps to do the same;

  1. Create a Google Adsense account
  2. You will be asked to enter your website name and authenticate the website
  3. Then you will be asked to place a code in your website in between the <head></head> tag. This is done to authenticate and analyze your website.
  4. After you have done the above steps correctly, wait for one or two days. In some cases, it can also take a week.
  5. After Google has got your data and analyzed your traffic, you will receive a mail with confirmation about the approval of your account.
  6. Now create ad units in Google Adsense account under the ads category.
  7. After creating the ad units, you will get a code to place in all your website pages where you want ads to be displayed.
  8. Also, ensure that you are keeping Auto-ads on.
  9. Keep, the responsiveness on as Google will itself adjust the ads as per the mobile screen. A fixed ad unit will create issues in loading on different screen resolutions.
  10. Start checking the reports column to get an idea about revenue generation.

How much Revenue can we earn using Google Adsense?
After you have started advertisements on your website, you can check your revenue and page view reports.

Most of the time you receive your money for RPM (Rate per Thousand Impressions). Therefore, when you have just started your ads, you can expect anywhere between $1 to $3 with traffic of 150 per day.

You can update your payment information when you have received $10 and you can withdraw your money after you have received $100.

You can withdraw money through a wire transfer by giving your bank account details.

If you are consistent and kept on increasing your traffic, you can even earn $100 per day, which is around Rs.7,300 per day or approximately Rs.2,00,000 per month. This can also increase as your traffic increases.

My main focus was to encourage you all to create blogs and start writing. This is because many of my friends have tried it and left in between because they were not able to take it further because of their busy work schedule or some other reason.

But the key to success in blog writing is only writing.

Write as much as you can write and keep on creating new blog posts. There are several reasons to leave blog writing, but you need only one to focus on.

Take help wherever required, just don't give up ...


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      With havin so much written content do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright violation? My website has a lot of unique content I've either written myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. Do you know any solutions to help prevent content from being ripped off? I'd really appreciate it.

      - Leigh

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        I was suggested this website by way of my cousin. I am not sure whether or not this submit is written via him as no one else understand such precise approximately my trouble. You are amazing! Thanks!

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