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Why work in HR?

Human Resource (HR) is one of the most judged departments within an organization. After all, one of the most prominent examples of an HR professional in popular culture brings to mind several fictional characters in movies and YouTube Series. There is a struggle from an employee point of view while interacting with the HR Team (this is what is shown all around).

Luckily, the human resource field has a lot more going for it than a television character. To prove this, we have listed down some insights from HR Professionals to identify some of the top reasons for working in HR. 

1. You will be in a position to influence:

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HR professionals have a unique way of providing inputs in a business they work for due to the nature of their job. Not do they have a strong understanding of an organization's priorities and challenges, but they also have the ability to influence the future of the company based on the employment decisions they make.

One of our professors used to say "we are there to help employees & not rule them".

Good HR professionals have their fingers on the pulse of what is going on in their companies, and they continue to try to do what they can to make or keep the experience of employees awesome.

2. You will earn a good salary after some years of struggle:

fan of 100 U.S. dollar banknotes

The work an HR does is key to any organization, so it is no surprise that they are compensated appropriately. The median annual salary for human resources professionals in 2021 is INR 50,000. To put that into perspective, the median wage for all occupations is around 35,000.

There is also plenty of room to increase that figure as you work your way up the corporate ladder. For example, advancing into an HR management position could earn you an average of INR 10 to 12 lakhs per annum after work of around 3-4 years.

3. You will have the chance to change lives:

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A great HR professional can have a profoundly positive impact on people just by clocking in each day. The daily duties of the job make employee welfare and happiness a matter of professional responsibility.

There are countless examples of ways HR professionals have a hand in helping those in need;

  • Hiring someone who is in danger of losing a home, providing health insurance, or tuition.
  • Reimbursement to someone who has never had it before, or arranging job training that will give employees transferable skills no matter where they work.

the list can go on and on ...

4. You have some real staying power:

people seated on table in room

Technology and automation can change an industry rapidly. Yet HR appears to be well-situated for withstanding technological displacement. It is true that human resources information systems (HRIS) have automated some of the duties of HR professionals, but there is a large element to HR careers that simply can't be automated.

Software takes the human out of human resources.

5. You can help develop the people around you:

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The work you do in HR goes a long way in the professional development of other employees. With tools like performance reviews and exit interviews, human resources professionals can collect valuable information that guides performance improvement plans. This ultimately provides you the rewarding opportunity to not just improve the organization as a whole, but also the individual employees you work alongside.

6. You will get to welcome the newbies:

woman signing on white printer paper beside woman about to touch the documents

Onboarding is an often overlooked aspect of HR that is really important to mention while discussing HR. HR professionals get to welcome and create an experience for all the newbies.

The first day of any job can be daunting. There is a host of new places, people, and processes to learn. The job of many HR professionals revolves around providing a quality onboarding experience that will ease the stress of a new job and ensure they are set up for success.

7. You will get to work with humans as well as machines:

unknown persons using computer indoors

As we have started moving towards an era of machine learning, HR professionals are upskilling them with all the requirements of the same. Although, one cannot remove the human expect, and these days it has become even more important to have a human touch with employees when everyone is behind closed doors.

This also takes us to one more important aspect of HR, that is, no two days are the same in the case of HR professionals. This is because we have to work with humans and the changes that they are bringing along with themselves.

8. Last but not least, You get a hold of everyone's Salary:

person holding U.S. dollar banknote

Now, this one was to be included. We all know there is no kick bigger than knowing, how much you can earn after reaching a position. You really get to know what are the salary bands, and how much you can earn in which stream (in that particular industry).

You get to do salary research and benchmarking. Also, you have a hold on salary negotiations while you are appearing for an interview for some HR role in some organization because you already have an idea about it.

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