How to show your love to someone?

So to make someone feel loved is the most beautiful thing in the whole universe but in today’s time a lot of us are losing track and in the hustle, we’re forgetting what real love is. 
Be it the person of your gender or your opposite gender, love should be expressed and unfortunately, many of us are not able to express what we feel, honestly, I was one of them but gradually I learned it.

To make someone feel loved and valued we must check on them regularly, no matter how busy we are we must as of them about how their day was, how are they doing? And anything else we want to share or we want to talk to them. 
Talking is the most important thing, also write your loved ones random appreciation messages and tell them that you love them and then see the magic.

Your lovingness will make them feel wanted in your lives and it will keep them happy. They won’t feel bad even if you go days without talking because regularly checking on them will assure your loved ones that yes, they are with the right people.

Tell them that you love them, especially when you’re not talking for some reasons or other but if you think that they’re right for you and they put equal efforts as you to keep you in your lives, don’t let these beautiful souls go, they are precious and treat them like your most-loved personality ❤️
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