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Cosmetic Raw Material Vendors Contact Details | Cosmetic Raw Material Suppliers Contact Details | Cosmetic Raw Material Supplier Details in India

Cosmetic Raw Material Vendors Contact Details | Cosmetic Raw Material Suppliers Contact Details | Cosmetic Raw Material Supplier Details in India

It was never so easy to source Cosmetic Raw Materials till now. Several big companies or tech brands which have data on Raw Material Suppliers or Vendors in the Cosmetic Domain usually charge hefty license fees from the users or sometimes from the raw material vendors as well to list their products and contact details.

Still, several formulators around the world struggle to source raw material vendors for their projects, and because of this cosmetic companies lose a lot of investors' money, and this is true for the cosmetic start-ups in the market.

Most of the workforce in the cosmetic industry which has passed from cosmetic institutes, don't even know how to connect with Raw Material Brands to manufacture their own products that their companies assign them because of this they struggle to even acquire raw materials for sampling.

To get rid of this issue, thewiki Cosmoline has come up with its own Cosmetic Search Engine, which will help formulators and people from the cosmetic industry to source cosmetic raw materials much more easier, and that too free of cost.

You can just search for any raw material as it is done on a Google Search and you will receive email id, phone number, and minimum order quantities of the products that you search.

There is a great feature also involved for the Raw Material Vendors that can enhance the sales of their raw materials to a whopping 90%.

How does that work?
When someone searches for a product on thewiki Cosmoline's Search Engine, and if the raw material is not available in the repository, in that case, it is stored as a question for raw material vendors. For example, if a formulator is searching for Stearic Acid and it is not there in our repository, in that case, the query will be changed to a question, something like;

Do you have Stearic Acid? 

Also, there is a "Yes" button that is in front of the question. And if the raw material vendors have that product they can simply click on Yes and add their contact details, so that next time someone searches for the product again, then the raw material vendor's name will be available in the list.

This is one of the best ways to address the issue of product gap in the market because now Raw Material Suppliers will also know what all things are required by formulators and they will be able to work on acquiring the same and maintaining their repositories or inventories.

This even helps formulators because they know someone will be fulfilling the requirements and that they will be able to connect with the raw material vendors soon.

These all things make this Cosmetic Search Engine one of the best things to be used in today's tech-led cosmetic industry because now people don't need to use all the WhatsApp Groups to send messages to a vast number of people and engage in a conversation.

They can directly search for the raw materials and connect with the suppliers.

How does it revolutionize the cosmetics industry?
One of the ways by which thewiki Cosmoline's Cosmetic Search Engine is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry is by connecting formulators and raw material vendors directly without any middle person in between.

Now there is no need to pay money for license fees to contact raw material vendors or pay tech companies to upload your raw materials. There is so much data going through normal formulators that they sometimes get so many calls without even wanting to be contacted.

Also now there is no requirement for big WhatsApp groups that are always kept on mute and are not used by industry professionals these days.

This also helps in connecting with new raw material vendors that might be able to provide raw materials at a much lesser price. Because of this now formulators will also be able to reduce the overall cost of the products, hence ensuring more profits for the organization.

One of the benefits for raw material vendors is that they also know what all raw materials are trending these days in search queries which can help them manage their inventory and hence increase their sales as well.

Currently what is happening is that the sales team has the products that they keep on pushing to cosmetic companies but there are fewer chances of getting good sales because of that, but when you know exactly what people are searching for, then you can maintain your inventory and also modify your brochures accordingly because of which your sales also increases exponentially.

Also, the interface of the website or the Cosmetic Raw Materials Search Engine is so simple that it becomes easier for users to navigate through the website and search for their raw materials.

Even if they don't want to search, there is an option to use a dropdown box just under the search bar which gets updated with the raw materials that are added by raw material vendors, because of which navigating across different raw materials becomes really easy for formulators and R&D Scientists.

Not only raw materials vendors can add raw materials and their contact details using the "Yes" button but they can also add data using the "Add Data" button, as they may want to add some products that are not still searched by users but might be popular in the future.


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