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Loyalty and Respect Go Both Ways

Loyalty and Respect Go Both Ways

Someone has rightly said;

Loyalty and Respect Go Both Ways. If they don't return it, they don't deserve it.

In this ever-changing world, one of the important things that a human can expect is loyalty. Huge human civilizations were built on trust and honesty and usually, the end of them all was betrayal or people not being loyal.

And today we see corporates talk about Loyal Employees. Are these companies really deserving to have loyal employees?

For some months now, we are hearing about companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple firing employees all around the world. It seems as if only employees have to bear the cost of loyalty because companies are heartless beings.

We have heard stories of people that were on maternity leave and received a mail stating that their services are terminated. Some people were on H1B Visa and some had booked their homes and now they were terminated just to curb the cost of corporates.

Generally, it is the habit of big corporates to cut fat, but I believe they should try to cut fat from their own body rather than cutting their employee's jobs.

This is again sad to see people who have worked for more than a decade getting laid off.

Experience doesn't matter anymore. It doesn't matters if you were associated with a firm for more than a decade or two, because then you are considered stagnated, and are not given any raise or appraisals, even though you are working hard and completing all your work on time.

Corporates believe that people that are with us for more than 5 years are actually stuck with us because they can't find a job anywhere else, and that is why they hire new managers and leaders from outside and do not promote their own workforce in the first place.

It is irony that starting a business is considered bad in this world, on the other hand all the jobs are directly related to the number of businesses in the world.

This is so sad to see when parents encourage their kids to get a job in the private sector not knowing if their jobs will be secure for the coming 5 to 10 years or not. They are also fine if companies send their kids out of the country for getting experience and settle there but unfortunately when they are laid off because for no reason they are searching for a job or else they will be deported back to their home country within 2 or 3 months.

Usually, these people are married and have kids that don't know what is happening until they get back to all the issues that a normal person feels.

The point of my writing all these things is that I want to ask parents to encourage their kids to start a business. Kids don't have anything to lose in their younger generation and if they don't take a risk of starting their own business, then they will lose this opportunity for ever.

Don't ask kids to work hard and secure a job, but ask them to gain new skills and start a business that can secure their future.

We have made these companies so big that they now rule us
As a company, these businesses should not have the authority to play with our kid's careers by showing dreams and then trashing them. We have made these companies big by buying their products and services and not entertaining their competitors, because of this they have become so big that their decisions affect our lifestyle as well.

Instead, we should try and disrupt this monopoly created by big companies by encouraging small alternatives to prosper.

Instead of using Google, Facebook, or Instagram, start using local alternatives, like thewiki Network, which will encourage competition in the market and these big firms will have enough time to thing about their moves.

Here we are not talking about Google or Meta as a company, but companies like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and other big firms that usually think they are Gods in their domain.

If we encourage local competitors to grow, we are allowing fewer power on one's hand and hence there will be less affect on longterm happenings and reactions to people around the world.

It might look like promoting our own product, but think for once, if you are using a social media platform which encourages writing blogs and creating articles, isn't it better than a social media platform that encourages creating nudes and fake viral videos?

Loyalty and respect go both ways, we cannot expect only employees to be loyal and companies can fire anytime they like. This is not done. I don't know why we are still scilent, maybe it is because social media and search engine platforms are supressing our thoughts and our views are not projected outside our community in front of the world.

This maybe because our views are filtered on a daily basis and anything wrong said against these companies are not kept visible. I am just saying. There is a monopoly indeed!

Leaving you all with these thoughts. I would like to listen to your perspective about the same.


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