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Society Management System | Apartment Management System | Social Network and Information System | Social Network for Societies and Apartments | Internal Social Network for Flat Systems

Society Management System | Apartment Management System | Social Network and Information System | Social Network for Societies and Apartments | Internal Social Network for Flat Systems

As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, the need for effective communication and community building within apartment societies and flat systems is more important than ever. However, traditional methods of communication such as meetings and group messaging apps can be unreliable and overwhelming.

We, at thewiki Network, are proud to offer a solution in the form of a dedicated website and social network for your society, specifically tailored to the unique needs of your community. This platform, called SNIS (Social Network and Information System), allows for easy dissemination of important updates and changes, and also serves as an online notice board for sharing issues, pictures, and ideas. Additionally, it provides a centralized location for contact information for essential service providers and facilitates streamlined decision-making through polls.

Unlike other society management options on the market, our system prioritizes community building and data privacy. The website and social network are solely for the use of your society, and all data is kept strictly within the community. Unlike other applications, we do not include advertisements or sell user data to third parties.

Our pricing is set at INR 500 per family per month, with the option for negotiation. We see this investment as a worthwhile one, as it provides a fully managed website and social network with the society's name, as well as registration and KYC for all family and administration members. This fee also covers the cost of providing top-class privacy and security for your society's data.

If you are interested in learning more about our SNIS platform and how it can benefit your society, please contact us at or call us at +919175486923. We would be happy to schedule a consultation and provide a demonstration of the platform's capabilities. Upgrade your society's communication and community building efforts with SNIS.

Having said that, as a society is made, there is always this issue of conveying information from society administration to members. This is because not everyone is available in those apartments for meetings every single time. Also, the applications that are usually used to convey messages like WhatsApp or Telegram are usually kept on mute, because we have many groups and no one like the constant pings of these messaging applications.

What do we have to offer?
As a society, you can have your own website and a small social network, that will be specific to your community or the people that own the flats in your society. 

This is an awesome way to send information about new updates or changes in community guidelines etc.

You can use it as an online notice board, where members can;

  1. Get to know about the latest updates happening in society
  2. Share their issues and concerns on one platform
  3. Upload pictures of the functions that might have happened in the society to create an archive
  4. Share their ideas and connect with other flat members
  5. Have a one-stop shop for all the contact details like plumber, carpenter, society doctors, etc
  6. Conduct polls and respond to polls which will make decision-making much easier and streamlined for the management

These are just a few examples of how community members can use the SNIS (Social Network and Information System) to engage in social activities and decision-making.

Why should we use this website system and not an application?
There might be several different options available in the market, but our product is totally different because we encourage community building, which is not the aim of other applications.

Also, this system gives you control over your data, because the website and the social network are dedicated to only one society, and the data stored here is not shared with anyone. 

And, these website systems are totally free from advertisements, because we don't sell your data, which ensures that no one other than the flat owners or members of the society are able to access the data provided on this platform.

Several other applications that promise to give you society management options have inbuilt advertisements, and even if they take a lower amount from you, then also your and your member's data is stored on their own servers, which is a bad thing because they can do whatever they want to do with your data.

These applications can create society profiles and sell them to advertisement companies and can even record information about what kind of foods or groceries are used every day in a particular society then they can target their products to the society members, which is again a privacy issue.

Having said that our website on the other hand has you covered with all the privacy issues, because you have full control over the data that your society is creating or sharing, and there is not a single bit of data shared with anyone.

What is the pricing of this product?
As we are serving top-class privacy to our customers, so we charge around INR 500 per family per month. Although the price is negotiable, we encourage you to see it as an investment, because you get a dedicated website that is managed for you 100% and has the name of your society as well.

This pricing will include all the family members, administration members' registration, and KYC that is to be done for the society.

Also, this amount is used for providing server space, privacy systems, moderation services, and maintenance of the website.

What is the process of enrollment of societies?
As soon as the payment for a month is done by the society, it is used for the development of a fully-dedicated website, and social network for the society.

A website is registered in the name of the society as per availability and the enrollment of society members starts within a day. Flat members can start registering and uploading their information on the system and administrators can also start creating blogs, pages, and information and upload contact details as soon as the website is launched.

Society can decide and customize the front page of the website as per their wish and requirement.

Whom should I contact for SNIS (Social Network and Information System) or Society Management System for my society?
You can directly contact us at and one of our executives will connect with you for understanding your requirements.

You can also message me on WhatsApp at this number: +919175486923

Where are you operational?
Although we are based out in India, we can serve you anywhere in the world. You can contact the above contact details to schedule a live demo.


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