Once and for all - Stop calling Kashmiri History a Propaganda


I recently read a news cutting, where one filmmaker said Kashmir Files is a propaganda and vulgar film, and it's not the first time that we have heard these things.

But for sure, this is our inability to respond to issues like these when someone from any part of the world says anything and can boast about his heroic statement in his hometown or country, and this happens because we have become so tolerant that we don't speak up until something happens to our family.

Why do countries become intolerant when someone speaks against bad practices of the "so-called secular community", and everyone shuts up when someone talks about Kashmiri Pandits?

As a community, we have gone through events that can give anyone goosebumps, but still, some bad and radicalized people around the world call our history fake, hoax, and propaganda.

I will tell you what is happening;

  1. Someone says bad about our community or blames our history as a hoax
  2. We all are silent because they haven't said anything personally
  3. Then someone else raises their voice for us, who is ridiculed
  4. The culprit says he didn't mean it and leaves
  5. That culprit doesn't even get a proper punishment, but they are let free speaking anything, which again motivates to some other radicalized person.

But what happens, when someone from our community raises their voice?
Well, they don't get a platform to speak only, because this small community of professionals are only good as employees or service class, and can't speak up for themselves.

Remember, if you don't stand up for yourself, you will be made to sit down everywhere.

As a proud Kashmiri Pandit Girl, I want to make it clear once and for all that I won't tolerate any other bad-mouthing about our community, and people that speak badly about our history will be cursed for life with the same atrocities that once we as a community had to go through.

I also would urge every Kashmir Pandit to please speak up. If speaking up is difficult for you, don't reveal your identity, at least post the comments anonymously, which is possible down here.

Today if we join our voices, we will be able to address our issues, or else we will always be a mook spectator. 

At last, I would like to apologize if I have hurt someone's feelings, but speaking about our own good is important. In Bhagwat Gita also God says, if someone deliberately chooses to remain silent and doesn't raise a voice against injustice, then they also are doing injustice.

Even if our parents don't have a medium to speak or they are not able to express their views as a community, we as KP Youth should raise our voices together against any injustice that happens against our community, or else the time is not far away when we all will be diluted in this vast world.

There won't be any reason for us to unite and restore our culture and tradition. #speakup

I am sharing a template that you can use in case you are not able to think what to write;
"I condemn anyone calling Kashmiri History a hoax or propaganda. #speakup"

You can use the above sentence to post comments on this thread or use it on your Social Media Handles. 


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