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Although it is said that money cannot buy happiness, not having money also doesn't give you the capability to purchase anything, and if you are not able to purchase the necessities in your life then sadness and frustration are always a part of your life.

Usually when we think of making money, then we can only think of 3 major ways;

  1. Government Job
  2. Private Job, or
  3. Business

Also, these three jobs in themselves are not well explained to us initially, and because of this we all mostly chase our dreams with closed eyes.

Especially in Jammu, although we have several opportunities in different government fields, we still opt for the same fields like;

  • Being a teacher or professor in government institutes
  • Clerical Jobs in government offices
  • Bank Jobs

We don't understand that there is a lot more than the above three approaches when we want to search for jobs in our locality. Similarly, when we think of Private Jobs or doing Business, we usually think of an IT company or opening a Shop respectively.

But do you know there are several ways by which you can make money online as well?

Is making money online genuine?
Well, there are different ways by which you can make money online, and many of them are authentic, but one needs to understand that these are not get-rich schemes, therefore whenever you are planning to make money online, prepare to work hard. But once you have started your journey to make money online, everything starts falling into its place.

So, Yes, making money online is possible and genuine, but you should be aware of the ways which are authentic to make money online. So this article is going to help you to understand what are the legitimate ways of making money online.

Why are we talking about making money online for Jammu?
This is our new series of helping people in specific areas learn about making money online. Therefore, we will be guided with simple steps that you can use in Jammu to spread your business online and earn real money as well.

How to make money online in Jammu?
Although there are several ways of making money in Jammu, making money online is one of the ways by which you can ensure you have enough time to spend with your family and friends. Also, when you work from home and make money online, you can earn passive income. It might not be 100% passive, but you may even make money while sleeping in some cases. We are going to discuss the same in the below steps.

Having said that, you might want to know how much you can earn by working online! And the answer is "the sky is the limit". I have seen people making as low as $1 a day to $100 a day who work online. And if you would want to understand how much is it in INR, it ranges anywhere from Rs.80 to Rs.8000 per day, and it can go up as well if you put in the hard work and passion in what you are pursuing.

Also, before starting the ways that will tell you how to make money online in Jammu, one should understand that it is not possible to make huge amounts of money in one night, but it is a continuous process. I started my journey as a blogger 2 years back and it was after 1 year that I was able to make my first 80 rupees.

So, the ways by which you can make money online in Jammu are as follows;

  1. Create your blog:
    Blog writing is one of the best ways by which you can make money online. You can start writing about the topics that you are passionate about and can earn money using google Adsense or some other ad network. This is usually done when you start receiving a huge number of people to your blog, and then you can put advertisements on your website by collaborating with local vendors or ad-providing companies. 

    Although there are several ad networks google AdSense is something that we all start with.

    To practice your skills, you can even register to thewiki Network and start writing blogs about your interest. To register click here.
  2. Create an Online Portfolio:
    If you have got some special skills like writing, making resumes, or creating websites, then you can create your portfolio on thewiki Network and market yourself. This will give you exposure in the Jammu region, and people can connect with you to get your services. This will require you to create your profile on this website and then update your profile with your skills and experiences in your expertise.

    After you have done it, you can share your profile on WhatsApp or other social networking websites, which will encourage people to connect with you for the services you provide. For example, if I have good teaching skills, I can create an online portfolio on this website, and then if someone searches for teachers on any search engine they will get our name, and because I have provided my phone number and email address, they will be able to connect with me and ask for my charges.

    Also, if you are a content creator, then you can write articles and blogs on this website, and share the same as your portfolio online, which will fetch you more clients in the future, and because your profile is online 24/7 so you may even receive business requests 24/7.
  3. Create a website with phone numbers of verified auto rikshaws and cab drivers:
    Because there is no Ola or Uber in Jammu region, therefore, it will be great if one can create a repository of all the auto rikshaws and cab drivers online.

    This way, the person can even charge the drivers to list their profiles online per month or can charge users to use the database. One can even monetize the website by using advertisements.

    This will require someone to talk to auto rikshawala and cab drivers to give their phone numbers and their KYC documents because you want to ensure that you are verifying the drivers for their legitimacy or else it can be difficult if some bad person logs in on your server.
  4. Create a repository with all the shops in Jammu:
    Having repositories is one of the great ways to provide information to people living in a particular state, especially in the Jammu region, because here most of the multinational companies have not been able to stretch their legs so far. So, if you have a repository of shops and malls in the Jammu region, then you can charge the shops and malls a sum of Rs.500 per month, which is a small amount compared to the exposure that they will receive.

    So, imagine you can list down 1000 shops and malls, it will be around 500*1000=5,00,000 rupees per month of income. 

    But obviously, you will have to work on the SEO of your website so that the shop owners and malls receive the benefit of your website or application.
  5. Develop websites for local shops:
    Shop owners these days know the benefit of having an online presence, so most shop owners are searching for people who can help them set up a simple website for their shop. This will require you to have some idea about google sites or other website hosting platforms, but if you can figure out how to make a website, you can charge anywhere from 3000 to 100000 rupees per website as per the requirement of the shop owner.
  6. Create a youtube channel:
    Several YouTubers show how much money they make, and youtube is here to stay, as people are becoming more and more expert in making videos, they are creating awesome videos and documentaries that even give competition to Netflix and other OTT platforms.

    As a YouTuber in Jammu, you can showcase the beauty of the Jammu region and even talk about various opportunities in the Jammu region as a whole. For example, you can make a youtube channel for traveling to Jammu Temples, talking about mountain ranges surrounding the Jammu region, etc.
  7. Make money online by reviewing colleges and institutes in the Jammu region:
    There are several colleges and institutes in the Jammu area, which want people to post reviews about them, and this should be a genuine way. You can do that by creating pages on websites like thewiki Network, and doing a survey of those colleges and institutes by talking to students and faculties.

    Then you can post those reviews or pros and cons on those websites. This will help people in understand how the colleges are, and colleges will also benefit from the marketing efforts that you are putting, and hence you can charge for your services in the future as well.

    Although it might take time for you to create your brand, this is 100% achievable.
  8. Become an influencer in Jammu:
    Influencers earn a lot of money. This is because they have a huge following of people, who trust those influencers. So, if you are an expert in a particular field, say medicine or health, then you can always earn money by collaborating with brands and posting about their products and services.

    The only thing that you need to ensure is that anything that you share should be authentic and should not harm your followers in any way.

    Brand collaborations are a great way to make a lot of money online. I have heard of people making even 50,000 rupees by posting a 30 seconds video on social media networks, as brands are ready to pay a huge sum of money to influence people to buy their products or services.
  9. Teach Online in Jammu:
    There is a huge demand for Teachers in Jammu as well, especially online teachers these days. You can simply create your profile on this website and talk about your overall experience and skills and the courses that you can teach. Or you can even get connected with online teaching websites, and then can teach students from all around the world by sitting in Jammu at your home.

    You will just need a fast internet connection and a laptop for this purpose.

    I had trained several students from some colleges by sitting at home, and I have also taken online classes for people living in the US. This is because people living in foreign countries have higher tutor fees, therefore they usually connect with experts in India who can teach their children for comparatively lower rates, but those rates are relatively high for people living in India. For example, even if you are earning 10 dollars per student per hour, you can easily make 100 dollars per hour for 10 students, which means 100*80=8000 rupees per hour in a day.

    And in a month, it will be around 8000*30=2,40,000 i.e., 24 lakhs per month. This is when you become famous but meanwhile, also you will earn a decent income, but you will have to work as per their time zones.
  10. Make money online in Jammu by selling things online:
    You can always create your store online using this website and post your products or services in our classifieds area. This is the easiest way because you will only require products that are specific to Jammu. You can also write blogs about the products and services that you have and give your contact details so that readers can connect with you for your product.

    For example, you can always sell Kehwa, which is a native Kashmiri tea, by writing about the benefits of this tea in a blog and then giving your contact details, so that your readers can connect with you for the tea. This way, you can even sell your products across different parts of the world by sitting at home in Jammu.

Making Money Online is not difficult, but it will require your time and passion to work. You can make a lot of money by creating your brand online, and that will help you create a new income stream that will motivate you to live your happy life.

Also, if you earn more money, that means you can donate more money, and hence this world will be a much better place if good people keep on earning more and more and eventually become wealthy.

If you like this article or feel you can add more to this article, please feel free to write in the comments section below.

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