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25 Life Lessons to Live a Successful Life

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As humans, we all want to be successful in life, and it was happening a few years back during the time our grandfathers and elders used to live their lives. But slowly and gradually we started forgetting some basic facts about life and how those affect our journey.

Below are some of the life mantras or tips that will guide you in living a prosperous life;

Note: There might be some points that may be only applicable in today's time and may contradict some of our principles. So readers' discretion is advised.

  1. One should aim for stability:
    Stability is really important in life. You would have heard a proverb that "a rolling stone gathers no weight". This is true in today's time as well.

    One should always aim for stability in 3 main areas of life to have a prosperous journey in this life - Mind, Relationship, & Physical.

    Now, this can be achieved through meditation, communication & exerciseThis is important because one cannot lead a prosperous life without the stability of mind, and health, and then it all boils down to one's relationships, especially marriage. Therefore, one should always try to follow the MCE formula to lead a happy life i.e.,

    a) Meditate to Stabilize the Mind
    b) Communicate to Stabilize Relationships
    c) Exercise to Stabilize Physical aspects
  2. Knowledge vs Wisdom:
    People run behind in knowledge and that too of that stream that they are never going to apply in their life. One should always strive for Wisdom instead.

    For example, Knowledge is knowing how to control anger, but Wisdom is controlling your anger in situations that demand it.
  3. Never argue with fools:
    Arguing with fools is never fruitful. They will bring you down to their level and fail you in your expertise. So it is always better to use your energy for better or more productive things.
  4. No issues in the family:
    Family issues can be the main reason for the drain of energy and loss of health and wealth. Therefore, it is better to have corporate-type meetings at your home every week.

    These meetings should address every issue, and these issues once resolved should never be brought up again in other meetings. These meetings can be taken online if everyone is not available at one place or on a conference call as well. This is important because family issues drain all the energy from a human.
  5. Don't ask for discounts:
    This may sound counterintuitive to living a wealthy life, but this is something important to understand. Wasting time on discounts is not as productive as you may think.

    Successful people may ask once or twice about the price of a product or service, and if they can afford it they might go ahead with it or else just leave it. They are also good at judging the value for money of a product or service, and if they feel the product is not justifying its price, they would not try hard to purchase it.
  6. Don't post on social media:
    Being successful is not the ability to showcase to the world that you can afford the luxuries of the world, but being successful means creating wealth and assets and not boasting about the same on social media networks.

    This will help you in 2 things;
    a) Get rid of jealous people around you
    b) Be away from people who might want to harm you
  7. They buy assets that they know the next generation cannot buy:
    One should understand, something that was cheap and affordable 20 years back is now unimaginably expensive. This is because of inflation. Usually, inflation grows twice the rate of GDP, therefore, if considering the GDP growth rate to be 7, then in that case inflation will be 14%.

    Having said that, salaries of people around the world are adjusted to GDP growth and not the inflation rate, which makes it difficult for people to purchase things in a 10 to 20 years timeline.

    For example, real estate properties, which were the dream of every single person 20 or 30 years back, now have become impossible to purchase by new generations without the help of elders, and this is because the purchasing power of their money has reduced twice in the last 20 years.

    So you should buy asset class, that you know will become expensive in a few years. This is again because the land area will become less available, and hence good apartments or plots will become less available, shooting their prices. On the other hand, one will always be able to buy builder's flats at cheaper rates, but then those have their issues altogether.
  8. Get value addition in relationships:
    In some relationships, you can choose, and marriage is one of them. Unless you are going for a love marriage, which should also have these criteria, you should always find someone who can support you and your family, irrespective of gender. This is because today's life circumstances require women to be independent.

    Therefore, have some criteria while selecting your life partner, as character and belief systems play a greater role in marriages than looks.

    Also, you should be friends in marriages, and not try to dominate your better half, this will make your life easier and you can understand each other and help during adversaries.
  9. Have diversified investments:
    Having all the eggs in one basket is not a safe idea, hence you should have your investment portfolio diversified, which is easy to tell but difficult to do.

    Have your portfolio a mix of safe investments like PPF accounts, real estate investments, and mutual funds. Regarding real estate properties, I am not suggesting builder's flats, although that could also be a good investment. Still, I am pointing towards Flats in Multistory buildings and plots that have high churning potential in the future.
  10. Learn to say no:
    An opportunity missed because you were not able to say no is lost forever. Therefore you should learn to say no. This is an issue with every good person, that they are not able to say no if someone approaches them.

    One should always remember: Kuch toh log khaen ge, logo ka kaam hai kehna.

    You should focus on your career, family & health. This will keep you motivated to achieve new success. One more point; A person asked you to do something because they know you will do it anyway if they request enough. Takers have no limits, you should keep yours in check.
  11. Self-esteem is not dependent on others:
    What others think about you should not impact your self-esteem. You should be confident about your goals and should not let yourself down just because someone is not able to understand you.

    As someone has rightly said, "Don't water yourself down, just because someone can't handle you at 100% proof".
  12. Keep on Learning:
    Learning is directly proportional to a prosperous life. This is because when you acquire new skills, you can add value to your job or can even start a new business altogether. This cannot be possible by doing what you are doing since the first day you started working.

    Successful people keep on learning and acquiring new skills, and I am referring to new skills because skills are applicable, knowledge is sometimes stagnating in the mind.
  13. Spend on yourself first:
    Saving is important, but what is more important is spending on yourself. This will again pivot the 12th point about learning new things by investing in education.

    I can give you one example, a few years back one of my friends joined a company where he was earning around 12k per month and was working for at least 16 hours a day. He knew that he is not fit for the job and that he can invest some time in acquiring new skills.

    Today that person is earning approximately 7 Lakh Per Month, just because he invested in himself and learned new skills that were in demand today. Although initially, he wasn't able to earn much, today, he spends less than 3 hours working, and most of the time he is exploring new ways to increase his income.
  14. Don't give money on loan:
    Several people think that if someone is asking for money, they can give it on loan. Try to understand that if someone needs a loan, they will go to banks, and not come to you. They are asking for your money because they know banks won't give them the amount they needed.

    Therefore, if you want to help someone, only help if you know you can afford to lose the amount.
  15. Money is earned because of luck but lost because of foolishness:
    Successful people are grateful for the assets that they have, and they usually engage themselves in good karma by donating to charities and helping needy people. They also know the fact that they should not feel as if they have earned money because of their hard work.

    Although you work hard, it is luck also which helps you in making money, or else everyone would have started their own IT company these days. So keep on doing good deeds, feel grateful for your status, and don't have pride in what you have.
  16. Don't keep much plastic at home:
    Having more plastic at home is not that good. Although you may need plastic buckets, keeping more plastic at home brings bad luck in the longer term. Now it is something that was always followed at my home, so I am adding this point. But sometimes small things can make a lot of difference.
  17. Don't invite everyone during achievements:
    Inviting everyone to parties during achievements is not a good idea. It is always better to invite your nearby family and friends on big occasions like buying a new house or marriage, and this is not something that I am deliberately saying, this is becoming the new norm.

    Not only this will save a lot of money which you are going to spend on guests that you are never going to see again, but it will also keep you out of the jealousy of people that would envy your success. So it is always better to enjoy your success with your near and dear ones.
  18. Money is an amplifier:
    One has to understand that money is an amplifier. For example, if you earn 30k per month, you will notice that you can support your family, and when you start earning 2 Lakhs per month, then also the money becomes just sufficient to support your family.

    So, if you have a positive trait, money will only increase or amplify that trait, and hence one should always help good people like you to become wealthy because then this world is a better place.
  19. Have collective decision-making in the family:
    This is again going to be a repetition, but one has to ensure that there is collective decision-making in the family. This can be done by having corporate meetings online or offline where family members can discuss financial or emotional matters. This will ensure that everyone feels important and there will be fewer issues later.
  20. Don't eat food fast:
    One should understand that everyone on earth is working hard to eat, or else they will die. So, you should give utmost importance to your food. Having food on time no matter what meetings or issues are bothering you is one of the important aspects of life.

    You should respect the food that you have and give yourself proper time to eat it. It should be an event, where you have to be available no matter what the situation is. Try to pray before you eat. It doesn't matter if prayer just includes a simple thank you, but it is important to be thankful to God who has given us the ability to us to eat or bring food to the table.
  21. Successful people are non-judgemental:
    You would have noticed that people who judge others are insecure themselves. For example, if someone says that rich people are selfish or dangerous, this is basically because they are not having enough.

    It is always better to focus your energy on yourself rather than judging others.
  22. You should wear clean clothes, especially undergarments:
    Now, this might look cheap to mention here. But you should always wear clean clothes, especially undergarments. You would have observed that whenever you wear clean clothes or even new undergarments on some occasions you have a different vibe altogether.

    This is because these clothes are directly touching us and having those clean will increase your self-confidence.
  23. Know your birth time:
    Successful people always know their birth time. This is because this makes them more aware of themselves. This has several astrological aspects as well, which we are not going to discuss here, but knowing your birth time and the birth times of the people around you make you more self-aware.
  24. Go to trips:
    It is important to spend time with your family and friends, especially your parents and your wife. So, plan trips after marriage and keep your spouse relaxed. Partners help each other, because their families take care of them, which encourages them to go beyond their limits in helping.

    Going on trips creates bonding with each other in families and hence they can support each other as well in the longer term.
  25. Work on yourself:
    Working on yourself is important. No matter what is your age. I have seen people spending days in and out just scrolling through social media feeds, when they could have used this time to make themselves better.




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