Worst Morning Habits for Heart Health


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Cardiac health is a growing concern nowadays. Not just elders but even young people at the age of 30 or 40 are facing cardiac problems. Imbalance and block in our energy and blood vessels or even a hectic lifestyle, stress, and wrong habits are leading to a negative impact on our heart.

Today, I am not going to discuss healthy morning habits, but I am going to mention all the worst morning habits for heart health.

One should understand that heart is an organ, and an organ is a tissue system, which has to work in sync so as to complete its usual task of pumping blood across our body. Although exercise and a healthy diet is the only thing that can help us in keeping our heart healthy, still we can remove some unhealthy morning habits, which can save our heart;

  1. You wake up directly from your bed and go running:
    Many people have a habit of waking up instantly from their bed and going running or some other morning routine, which is a big no. When we wake up, our heart is in a resting phase, and it is never a good idea to jump out of bed, even though there is an emergency. At least, it's not good for your heart health. 

    I have seen people keeping their phones ringing, which is again a wrong habit. You should keep your phone in silent or vibration mode and away from your bed in all cases. A sudden loud ringing of the phone can interrupt your sleep and can also cause sudden stress, which is again bad for your heart health.
  2. Not drinking water:
    Drinking water will not only make your stools pass properly, but it also helps in proper blood circulation across your body. This is because, throughout the night we all don't drink even a glass of water which makes our body dehydrated, especially if we are in a dry atmosphere, which causes blood to thicken and that is obviously not a good idea for anyone.

    It is always better to drink at least a glass of water after waking up. This helps in bringing your body to a normal state, and also helps in proper digestion because your saliva reaches your gut with the water. 

    And when you drink water in the morning, blood circulation also starts happening properly because you start hydrating your body, because of which your blood becomes thinner, and it is easier for your heart to pump it through the veins and arteries. Without doing this step, it is never a good idea to hit your workout routine or gym.
  3. Not warming up:
    When you wake up, your body is still in the rest phase, and because all the muscles are still in the resting phase, it is never a good idea to go to the gym. After you have completed the above two steps, ensure that you do some stretching and warm-up before hitting your workout routine.

    This is one of the worst morning habits for heart health because it creates stress on your body which makes your heart beat faster than it usually should resulting in cardiac issues.
  4. Not having anything in the morning:
    If you are not having your pre-workout feed, that is again an issue because your body requires carbohydrates to use as fuel for the workout session. Therefore, if you didn't grab your morning bar, then it may result in your body pushing more for energy requirements, which is again bad for your heart health.
  5. Smoking:
    Many people have a habit of smoking, which is immensely bad for your heart health. Some regular smokers might not be able to pass stool without the first smoke of the day, which is one of the top reasons for cardiac issues in the young generation. When you wake up in the morning, you want to ensure that you get the best air in your lungs in order to fill yourself with oxygen and start the bodily processes, which is the opposite of what smokers do, and this can result in cardiac arrest as well in the long run.
  6. Drinking Alcohol in the morning:
    Alcohol consumption is becoming an issue worldwide, and this is mainly due to the bad influence that media and movies create on the young generation. Having alcohol in the morning again disrupts your normal cardiac cycle, and having too much alcohol can also result in cardiac arrest in some cases.

    This happens because your body is already trying to wake up in the morning, and then alcohol starts intoxicating your nerves and you feel a sudden hit, which usually results in faster heartbeats.
  7. Having too much caffeine in the morning:
    Having too much coffee in the morning is also a bad thing. Although you may feel that you are able to wake yourself up with coffee, it basically is for a few minutes because of the caffeine in it. After that, you again start feeling drowsy, which your heart doesn't like.

    Don't make your body confused by drinking a large number of caffeinated drinks, as it again interrupts the normal heart working, resulting in irregular cardiac rhythms.
  8. Not relaxing after your morning workout:
    It is always better to relax in a normal sleeping pose which is also termed "Shavasana". Close your eyes for 10 minutes and focus on different parts of your body. Practicing this daily will help you to remain calm and composed in your mind throughout the day and your body will also be prepared to handle the stress of the day very easily.
  9. Not having a heart-healthy breakfast:
    After you have completed all the above activities, most of the time we munch on our favorite bread and butter or bread with cheese routine, which is a big no for your heart health. 

    It is better to have a healthy breakfast to boost your stamina and energy and this would definitely help in keeping your heart healthy. In breakfast, Omega three fatty acids if you take them, will promote your heart health. It would also help lower your blood pressure, triglyceride, blood clotting, and the risk of strokes and even heart failure.

    Flaxseeds are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Having one to two tablespoons of flax seed in your morning breakfast, either eating directly or mixing with your porridge would help tremendously. 

    In morning breakfast along with the nuts like almonds, try and eat something like Poha or Upma or porridge, maybe oatmeal or anything out of this but mix one or two tablespoons of flax seeds in any of the above-mentioned things and have it. This would definitely prevent heart problems.
  10. You rush to take bath:
    This is again wrong. In the morning rushing to take bath and going to work should be avoided. If you have to rush to the office, then don't take bath in the morning instead take bath in the evening. After taking bath, a person is supposed to take a rest of at least 15 to 20 minutes and then eat anything or go to work.
  11. Not listening to positive or motivating speeches:
    If in the morning after you have completed all your routine, and then you are not listening to motivating or positive speeches then it is again not good for your health. I have seen people switching on news channels, which are only talking about the negative side of what is happening in the world, which adds to our stress.

    Instead, it is better to listen to some good and energizing speech or music or some good podcast, and if you can read some really good content that is even better, as it will feed your mind with positive thoughts and you will feel less stressed throughout the day.

These were some of the worst morning habits for heart health, that many of us inadvertently may acquire, but it is never too late to opt for better ways of living and switch to a healthier way of life.


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