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Essay on Personal Hygiene and Grooming

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Personal Hygiene means taking care of oneself properly. It includes both physical and mental aspects of cleanliness. On the other hand, Grooming refers to our overall looks and presentation.

Personal Hygiene and Grooming both are important in this competitive world. We should be clean both Physically as well as Mentally, and then we should also be able to present ourselves properly in front of the world. 

Personal Hygiene includes the following things;

  1. Taking a proper bath in the morning
  2. Taking care of your teeth
  3. Exercising regularly
  4. Praying and keeping your mind happy
  5. Engaging in extracurricular activities
  6. Engaging in hobbies, etc

The above activities are important because Personal Hygiene is one of the important things in one's life and this is because if you are not keeping yourself clean and healthy, then you won't be able to work properly. This also becomes important as when you grow, you start making habits, which in turn results in you getting good jobs.

Therefore, if you have good Personal Hygiene habits, then you form habits that will keep you on track to success.

Also, personal hygiene helps you keep yourself healthy, therefore, you are able to live a healthy life, which again helps you save on your bills to the doctor. For Example, if you don't eat well, and clean yourself on a daily basis, then you are more prone to feel sick and this results in you paying more money on medical expenses.

On the other hand, if you are eating healthy food, and following all the personal hygiene tips, you will be able to live a more healthy life and hence you will end up spending less money on medical checkups or tests.

But Personal Hygiene alone cannot help you succeed in life. You should also work on your grooming, this is because grooming yourself properly helps you in creating an influence on people.

Personal Grooming combined with Good Personal Hygiene Habits helps in creating a beautiful personality, which everyone likes and that can also fetch good job offers later on in life. Even in schools and colleges, students that have good personal hygiene and grooming are awarded.

This also boosts our confidence. This is because, when you are dressed well, you know that others will like your dressing sense and you also start feeling good about yourself, which increases your confidence, therefore, you are able to give more than 100% in whatever you do, hence you are able to achieve success in life much easier.

Below are some of the benefits of Personal Hygiene & Grooming;

  1. Personal Hygiene and Grooming help in achieving success.
  2. Personal Hygiene and Grooming help in reducing medical costs.
  3. Personal Hygiene and Grooming help in increasing confidence.
  4. Personal Hygiene and Grooming help in creating a positive influence on others.
  5. Personal Hygiene and Grooming help in leading a successful life.
  6. If Personal Hygiene and Grooming are practiced by everyone then this world also becomes a better place to live.

Although the above points reflect the benefits of personal hygiene and grooming, there can be some other things also that are not included here or that I may have missed.

Personal Hygiene and Grooming also help in creating this world a better place because if people start working on their Personal Hygiene and Grooming, then they will also start working on their mental health and conditioning, and they will not let anything bad or evil enter their mind, hence they will be able to groom themselves in a better person, and when there are good people around, this world becomes a better place automatically.

Being well groomed is not reserved for the wealthy or stylish. Anyone can be well groomed if he or she puts in a little effort. Self-confidence and being well groomed go hand in hand. You and your personal hygiene will benefit from putting in time and intention to your look. Below are some of the ways, by which you can achieve the targets of Personal Hygiene and Grooming;

1. Take a bath every day: It is a standard requirement of every well-groomed and hygienic person to take a bath at least once or twice every day. You should do it unless you have been specifically told by your doctor. Always try and use good quality soaps that are good for your skin and don't irritate your skin.

2. Brush your teeth 2 times a day: Brushing twice a day should be a minimum requirement in your Personal Hygiene and Grooming routine. You can brush every day in the morning before having breakfast and at the end of the day before going to your bed to sleep.

Some people also like to brush their teeth after having breakfast or any other meal of the day. But still, stick to brushing your teeth two times a day.

3. Shave or brush your hair: It is also a part of Personal Hygiene and Grooming that you keep your hair in good health. And it doesn't only sticks to your head hair, but also to the hairs on your body. You should try and shave on a regular basis, and keep your skin clean. Or if you cannot shave your hair on your body, at least try to keep them clean. For example, boys can groom their beards and also wash them regularly with proper grooming liquids.

When students grow up, they can even shave off their armpit hairs and growing hairs to keep those areas clean. You can even go for a wax after consulting with your beauty professional.

4. Use creams and lotions carefully: It is always easy to overdo in Personal Hygiene and Grooming, so always stick with the bare minimum. For example, use creams and lotions keeping in mind their usage. You can use sunscreens while going out in the sun but it is not required to use too many creams and powders that you start looking like a person with a cosmetics shop on your face.

Also, before using cosmetic products, ensure that you know how they complement each other. This is because some types of deodorants may not look good with other cosmetic product fragrances.

5. Wear clean clothes: After you have cleaned yourself, ensure that you wear clean and fresh clothes. Ensure that you fold the clothes immediately after they are dried. It is always better to wash your clothes after wearing them for a day, and a maximum of two days, but for shirts try to wash them every day.

6. De-pill your clothes: Pilling is the build-up of fibers and threads that create little balls on your clothes. You can do it using a simple shaving razor. Be slow and gentle with the razor, as you can cut holes in your clothes if you are not careful enough.

7. Trim your nails: Shorter and trimmed nails look clean. Everyone should always have trimmed nails. If you have longer nails, keep them in good condition. Never bite your nails, and always invest in a good nail cutter.

8. Have a mirror in your home: This is again important because this helps you see if you are looking good or not. As personal hygiene and grooming also include you looking good, therefore, you should check if your clothes are wrinkle-free, your collar is not weak, and your clothes are not looking faded.

Keeping these all things in mind will help you achieve your Personal Hygiene and Grooming Goals.


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