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WhatsApp Groups around the world have helped connect people with similar interests for several years, and it has been evident that Whatsapp has helped several people globally achieve their goals.

To take this idea further, thewiki Cosmoline® has started a Whatsapp group that is specific to Cosmetics Industry.

International Cosmetology Association is a Group or Association of Cosmetology Professionals that have huge experience in the cosmetics domain. This Association was created to help people globally share their knowledge and information about the research that they are doing.

Also, it is a platform that is used to source for Raw Material Vendors, Marketing Executives, Cosmetic Formulators, etc.

As a means to connect people from around the world, International Cosmetology Association has come up with a Whatsapp group that is dedicated to Cosmetics Domain.

One can join this group using the below link. But as Whatsapp has limited registrations, the below group might get filled up early. We are planning to launch new groups, but that will be done after checking the engagement of the first Cosmetic Whatsapp group.

Click Here to Join Cosmetics Whatsapp Group

How can this group help its members?
As there are several people joining this Cosmetic Whatsapp Group from around the world, therefore, there will be knowledge sharing that has never happened before.

We will be able to talk about trends across the globe and will be able to share new research and ideas in this Cosmetic Whatsapp Group. Having said that there are several benefits of this Cosmetic Whatsapp Group, that we are going to discuss below;

  1. Having a Cosmetic Whatsapp Group helps Raw Material Vendors and Cosmetic Manufacturers to connect with each other easily.
  2. Cosmetic Whatsapp Group also helps Cosmetic Professionals to search for new Job Openings in Cosmetic Industry. This will also help freshers to get exposure to different companies that are interested in getting training or internship.
  3. Cosmetic Whatsapp Group also helps in sharing new research and information with regard to Cosmetics, Raw Materials, and Formulations.
  4. As Cosmetic Whatsapp Groups can be accessed by International members, therefore one can also share laws controlling the Cosmetics Industry World Wide.
  5. Cosmetic Whatsapp Groups also help in developing an association that can help each other in case of New Product Development or dealing with a common issue in Formulation.

What to do if registrations to Cosmetic Whatsapp Group are Full?
As we are accepting registrations worldwide, and this group is open to everyone who likes to join from Cosmetics Industry, therefore it might happen that Cosmetic Whatsapp Group may get full.

In that case, you can share your Whatsapp number at & we will add you to the group, whenever someone leaves the group or if we have other groups specific to that niche.

What are the rules to joining Cosmetics Whatsapp Group?
As there are several scammers or spam bots that might also join this group, therefore, we have figured out a way to get rid of them. You can share the below information after joining the Cosmetics Whatsapp Group, and your registration will become permanent in that group.

  1. Full Name
  2. Company
  3. Position
  4. Location
  5. Email ID

As we have to keep track of fake users, so above information becomes useful. This information will also help in breaking the ice between different people that would have joined the Cosmetic Whatsapp Group.

How many Cosmetic Whatsapp Groups will be there?
As we cannot assume how many people will join the Cosmetic Whatsapp Group, so we cannot estimate the number of groups that we will be creating, but for sure we will increase the number of cosmetic WhatsApp groups as and when the need arises.

Why are we having International Cosmetology Whatsapp Groups?
We have seen that there are several cosmetic companies in India that are sourcing their raw materials from the international market, and some of the customers are also from international places, therefore, we have decided to create Cosmetic Whatsapp Groups that have more international cosmetic professionals.

This will also in turn help in creating international trade much easier because we will have much more trustworthy people in the Cosmetic Whatsapp Groups.

What other topics can we discuss in Cosmetic Whatsapp Groups?
Although the International Cosmetic Whatsapp Group is dedicated to Cosmetic Domain, members do have the liberty to share content in these groups.

You can even share content with regards to lifestyle, fashion trends, and cosmetic trends globally. We have in past also shared some publically available formulations to help cosmetologists create their own products by using our formulations as the base. This also creates an environment that makes people confident in sharing information and knowledge.

Can we be promoted to moderators or admins of these Cosmetic Whatsapp Groups?
Yes, as there are several Cosmetic Whatsapp Groups operation, therefore, we also want the help of our members to become Admins and Moderators of those Cosmetic Whatsapp Groups.

Criteria will only involve the trustworthiness of the members, and that we know the person has been working in the Cosmetic Whatsapp Groups by providing quality content. Although we all will be meeting for the first time, it takes some time to build trust among the group members, but I am sure that we will have several Cosmetic Whatsapp Group Admins, as we are running some of the groups for a long time now, and have seen growth in group Admins.

Thanks for reading this article till the end, we will love to see you in the International Cosmetics Whatsapp Group.



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