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How to deal with a bad day?

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I will start off with a quote that has always kept me moving,

"There are more than 7 Billion People in this world, and ruining your day because one of them said something bad to you is not worth it"

Whether your day was messed up by one terrible incident or there were a number of minor things that happened. A bad day can leave anyone feeling nervous, frustrated, and sad at the same time.

But this is definitely not the end, as you can try to remove self-doubt and come back on track by taking a little time to deal with your emotions. It is better to get involved in self-care and do something relaxing. It is also a great idea to reach out to a friend or a family member if you think there is a need for some extra support.

1. Don't judge your emotions and try to see through them:
When something terrible happens, it is okay to feel sad. Instead of ignoring your emotions, try to take some moments alone and acknowledge what you are going through.

2. Observe your physiology:
Negative feelings come and go, and it is important for us to give time to our brain to process those negative feelings or emotions. As soon as you have recognized them, give yourself some time by taking heavy breaths to calm yourself down. It is always better to think of good moments and your goals, which will motivate you to deal with negative feelings as and when they arrive.

3. Why are negative feelings getting triggered?:
Try to figure out why a negative feeling gets triggered. This is important because if you know the source of negativity, you can then work towards getting rid of the sources or making your way around them. For example, if you feel like one of your teachers is micromanaging your work, then you can start working proactively so that you can form a trust with them, and hence you are able to change their thinking towards yourself.

Also, if a situation is out of control, you can talk about the same to your elders or seniors, who can help you resolve those issues in a better way. But on the other hand, if you don't know what are the sources of your negative feelings, you won't be able to treat them.

4. Sometimes it's not even your fault:
It is important to understand one thing that, not all negativity occurs because we have done something wrong. It may also happen that someone on road abused us, but we were not able to react. These things are out of our control, and we should not take them to our hearts. It is better to observe those situations and make a habit of moving on.

Sometimes, you may also feel gloomy or alone, and that too because of no specific reason. At that time, you should try to have some healthy snacks or go for a walk instead of thinking about your loneliness.

5. Always talk to someone you trust:
This has been evident that all depression-related issues take place because the person is not able to express themselves to anyone. All the feelings that build up inside that person leads them to a state of ultimate stress, and at the end, it leads to depression. Therefore, it is always better to talk to someone that you think is trustworthy and share with them what you feel like.

It becomes our responsibility as well to be available for anyone who seems to be lonely and wouldn't talk much, because it may lead to serious mental issues, which could have been avoided by simply having a talk with that person.

6. Understand the fact that, things that happen, happen temporarily:
When you are going through a bad day, it is easy to feel like things will be terrible forever. However, one should understand that this bad day will not last forever, and neither will the emotions that you are feeling right now.

Therefore, one should not think about anything for more than 20 minutes. If something happened to you, think about it for some time, and get over it. 

Let me tell you how serious this life is -- You are not going to leave this world alive. So, why remorse on things that are not going to matter after you die?

7. Indulge in a hobby:
For me, a hobby is something that makes you feel good about yourself and while you are indulging in your hobby, you are not able to think about anything else. This happens to me when I write about something. So one can say that writing is my hobby. Similarly, you may be interested in riding your bicycle, cooking food, or even singing or playing your guitar.

These all creative things help in ensuring that you are able to distract your mind from the negative feeling that you are observing which is making you stressed and uncomfortable.

STRESSED is DESSERTS when read in reverse. So, try to have some desserts when you are feeling low. Now, you may say that sugars are bad for health, but in Europe, especially in France, Desserts mean anything that is taken after your main course, and that can also be yummy fruits.

Having fruits or some healthy desserts will make you gain instant relaxation because of the natural sugars inside them, and you will be more focused on what you want to do.

9. Spend some time with family and friends:
It is rightly said that loneliness can come to bite you. This is true because when you are alone, you may feel a bit depressed as well, and this happens especially when you are going through a tough time. So, it is better to hang out with friends or spend some time with your family.

10. Do some meditation:
Meditation is one of the great tools to get rid of stress. You just need to close your eyes and start focusing on your breath. This is as simple as that, but the thing is that there shouldn't be any other thought in your mind. This again will help you in focusing on yourself and get rid of any negative feelings associated with any of the situations.

11. Sleep:
Most of the bad moments pass while you are sleeping. So it is better to get some good night's sleep, and when I am saying good sleep, it means at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep.

Sleep helps in producing enzymes and hormones that relax your muscles and in turn also help you to calm down. This is again important if you are going through a bad phase or a tough time. Always remember one thing,

When going gets tough, the tough gets going.

12. Exercise:
Doing regular exercise helps you feel confident as you feel fit. This also helps in releasing hormones that will help you in dealing with stress efficiently. Especially when you are sick or not feeling well, a small walk in the open air or lifting some light weights can make you feel good about yourself, and hence you will be able to recover much faster.

Tough times come in everyone's life, but it always depends on us how we react to them. We can either fall down or learn to pic ourselves up.



    • Suniel Kumar Dhar

      A must read blog for our young gen.folks,who need these motivational tips to keep themselves fit mentally,physically and emotionally! A positive mind is always the key to address any situation what so ever bad it may be! God bless you Suhul! Keep on writing these interesting blogs!

      • Dr. Suhul Dhar

        Thanks it means alot 🙏


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