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Ashri Naturals


Company Name: Ashri Naturals
Contact Person: Bhavna
Email ID:
Phone No: +919919810444 | +919918900987


Raw Materials:
Greetings from Ashri Naturals

Our company Ashri Naturals manufacturers Pure and Natural Essential Oils & Mint Allied Products.
We offer our products with Best Quality and competitive pricing. 
Our products are Certified  and Tested at international standard with in house GC and GCMS. We Offer;

Mint Oils : 
Mentha Arvensis
Mentha Piperita 
Mentha Spicata ( Spearmint )
Mentha Citrata ( Bergamot Mint )
Menthol Crystals (All Grades)
Peppermint Oils (All Grades)

Essential Oils : 
Basil Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Palmarosa Oil
Java Citronella Oil
Vetiver Oil 

PDF Document for Full List of Raw Materials:  Ashri Naturals Raw Materials List


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