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Bio Recurso


Company Name: Bio Recurso
Contact Person: Shubham Rajput 
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Phone No: +918421585509 | 9805474828 | 9766664736 | 7020931571
Products: Bio Recurso specializes in the manufacturing of standardized Herbal Extracts for Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical manufacturers around India. Founded in 2013, BIO RECURSO, is the largest manufacturer of Aloe Vera Extract globally. At Bio Recurso, we continuously update our laboratories and manufacturing capabilities to keep pace with technological advancements.

State-of-the-art instrumentation combined with qualified technical staff assures quality and consistency in every batch of the product delivered.

Our commitment to superior product quality, on-time delivery, pricing, and technical service, allows us to serve our customers with superior-quality products.


Bio Recurso


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