What is Moonlighting?
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What is Moonlighting?
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Moonlighting, also known as a Side Gig or Side Hustle, is an additional job that a person takes in addition to their primary job to supplement their income.

Moonlighting may be done out of necessity, when one's income from their job is insufficient to support them, or simply out of a desire to earn more. Because most people used to work on their personal projects after working hours and most of the time it was late in the evening, therefore, it was termed moonlighting.

Is Moonlighting bad?
Several companies say that moonlighting is cheating done by an employee with his or her employer. Recently Wipro fired several employees who were moonlighting.

There is another group of people who think that moonlighting is the usual way how humans live, this is because employers should not have the authority over what an employee pursues after his or her working hours.

Plus there is this argument also that moonlighting might be good because this encourages the employees to push their boundaries, hence keeping them ahead of the learning curve. It has been noticed that several employees who do moonlighting, may also implement some of their learnings into their Jobs, which in turn helps organizations grow further.

What is our take on Moonlighting?
Moonlighting is something natural in humans, and everyone has a right to explore new avenues and succeed in life. Big companies like Google, Wipro, Microsoft, or even others would not have become if their "so-called" founders hadn't moonlighted their passion.

Although it is wrong to compromise on your work and use your office resources for your own gain, using your own resources to moonlight and earn profits or start your own Business is not wrong at all.

Now some people will say that if you sign a contract with the companies you are working with you won't provide support to any other business or employer. For them, we must say that you agree to all of Google's or Tick Tok's agreements but still, you guys shout when they steal your data.

Remember having your accounts on Facebook?

Well, you have signed an agreement with them, and then you start shouting, and for your benefit, the governments have to take that matter into their hands and block those applications or social media platforms.

It is really sad to see people on higher posts talk badly about moonlighting when they were also involved in moonlighting in their young days. 

Moonlighting is not a new thing, and people for several centuries have been doing it. But it is because of some of the executives in the modern world, who don't like to see other people also make good money.

Therefore, they fire people who are found moonlighting.

It will be better if candidates start rejecting company offers if those companies make an offer of less than 1,000,000 for entry-level positions because then only moonlighting will stop. If companies are not able to pay a good amount to employees, so they are in no way standing and rejecting the idea of moonlighting.

What are your thoughts about moonlighting?
Do you feel it is justified to fire employees who are found moonlighting? or Should moonlighting be seen as a natural human instinct to grow?

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What is Moonlighting?
Svetlya: Everyone does it but very few accepts it.

Mikhail: Everyone has right to explore new opportunities, but not at the expense of company resources.