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Leave Policy
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Below is the template for Leave Policy that can be used for reference. Kindly review the same before using the below Leave Policy and update it as per requirements.

The objective of the Leave Policy is to provide guidelines for employees to balance their personal and professional lives effectively while fulfilling statutory requirements regarding leave and holidays.

This policy applies to all regular employees of the company.

General Guidelines

Types of Leaves

1. Casual Leave:

2. Earned Leave:

3. Maternity Leave:

4. Paternity Leave:

5. Leave Without Pay (LWP):

6. Compensatory Off:

7. Leave of Absence Policy:

Cancellation and Extension of Leave:

Leave Calculation on Resignation/Termination
Privilege leave will be calculated until the last working day and included in the final settlement.

Policy Revision
The company reserves the right to revise or modify any clause of this policy as per Business requirements.

Explanation of Policy
The Corporate HR department is the sole authority for interpreting this policy.

The content of this policy is provided for reference and guidance only. The company holds the right to interpret and enforce the policy as deemed necessary.

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Leave Policy