Is CIBIL Acting Fairly In Credit Score Reporting?
Is CIBIL Acting Fairly In Credit Score Reporting?Rate:

Is CIBIL Acting Fairly In Credit Score Reporting?
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CIBIL these days has become one of the most determining factors if a person will get a loan or not. While opening our bank accounts, even banks take our consent to share our details with credit bureaus and most of us just agree to the terms in default.

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) has become one of the most critical factors in determining whether an individual qualifies for a loan. When opening bank accounts, consumers are often required to consent to sharing their information with credit bureaus, typically without a thorough understanding of the implications.

Banks and financial institutions routinely share customer inquiry details with CIBIL when individuals seek loans or credit cards. This practice raises significant concerns about transparency and consumer rights.

The risk assessment provided by CIBIL is undoubtedly valuable for financial institutions. However, the methods by which they process and handle information merit scrutiny.

One key issue is the lack of notification to consumers when a bank or financial institution checks their credit score. This lack of transparency in the Indian banking system reflects a broader problem where customers often feel undervalued compared to the seemingly superior status of banks.

CIBIL’s handling of disputes and errors is another area of concern. For example, in my personal experience, while trying to purchase a home, my credit score dropped significantly due to multiple inquiries from different banks. This occurred despite my explicit instructions to the finance manager to limit such inquiries. The multiple inquiries were reported to CIBIL, leading to a sudden drop in my credit score, which is both unfair and unjust.

CIBIL could implement better safeguards, such as sending out one-time passwords (OTPs) to consumers before generating credit reports for banks. This would add a layer of consumer control and protection. Additionally, the current requirement for consumers to pay a subscription fee to access their own credit data is problematic. Consumers should be compensated for their data, as it is their personal and financial information being used.

There are instances where banks use CIBIL inquiries vindictively. They are aware that a poor credit score can force customers to take loans at higher interest rates. When customers seek resolution, they are often caught in a frustrating cycle between CIBIL and the banks, with each entity passing the responsibility to the other.

Moreover, it appears that banks and credit bureaus apply different standards to corporate entities compared to individual consumers. Banks seem less stringent in checking the creditworthiness of companies that default on large loans, while rigorously scrutinizing individual borrowers. This disparity suggests a bias favoring powerful corporate interests over ordinary citizens.

The government of India is making efforts to address financial fraud and support startups, but there is a glaring oversight regarding the practices of credit score companies like CIBIL. These entities wield significant power without adequate checks and balances, potentially due to financial interests or other influences.

It is crucial for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and other regulatory bodies to address these issues. Ensuring transparency, fairness, and consumer rights in the financial sector is essential. The monopoly held by credit bureaus and their collaboration with banks need thorough examination and regulation.

Citizens, particularly from the middle class, often feel powerless over their financial destinies due to the monopolistic practices of banks and credit bureaus. It is imperative to rectify these imbalances to foster a fairer financial system that serves all segments of society equitably.

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Author: Neha
Is CIBIL Acting Fairly In Credit Score Reporting?
Aparna: That's true, CIBIL should be kept in check. They charge us for our own data. It's a sad reality.

Rajat: Absolutely on point. People only get to know about this fraud when they apply for finance.

Monami Dey : This sounds like an extremely biased opinion with inaccurate data.

Seema: @Monami, there isn't any data mentioned. Directly saying that CIBIL is corrupt is wrong, but credit bureaus do influence lives of people & their powers need to be kept in check by government agencies.