Effect of Artificial Intelligence on SEO
Effect of Artificial Intelligence on SEORate:

Effect of Artificial Intelligence on SEO
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As AI is growing on a day to day basis, we are seeing several changes happening in search engines these days. Google has implemented gemini, and then ChatGPT has also introduced web search. Microsoft on the other hand was first in implementing AI in search results for summarizing the searches.

Now the question arises, how is the SEO going to change after all this AI implementation?

After researching on the internet a bit I got to know some new updates are going to come in Google Search Engine, and as we all know most of the searches that are happening are being done using Google, so the way it changes search is going to be one of the game changers in the industry.

Most people have already started using ChatGPT for their day-to-day work, because of this the algorithm has also started getting much more advanced, and people are also benefitting from the same.

Google's Gemini Ai is also a powerful tool but seems more comfortable with simple tasks and small codes.

I have tried building several website tools using both ChatGPT and Gemini, but it seems ChatGPT always wins with the computing power, and Gimini is good with searches done online, but still not very efficient.

Having said that Google seems to be changing the way we search the internet, with a chatroom-like interface where people can just communicate as if they are chatting with their virtual assistant. This is one of the great things as far as searchers are concerned because they will be able to get most of the things in a much more consumable manner.

Now they don't have to go to search bars and then go to websites, so they can directly look into the answers that have been consolidated and summarized by the search engine AI.

But, what will happen to SEO?
Well, it seems SEO will be there, but it will be more like AI-SEO.

SEO was already difficult to understand and implement because most of the things are achieved by advertisements only.

Sponsored ads and other content are one of the main ways how people promote their brands and sell their products. This is done using Facebook ads or even Google AdWords. There are other advertisement platforms as well that people these days use, and when we talk about SEO, it is now limited to link-building and PBN, which is again mostly about the Black Hat part.

These days you can get organic traffic only if you dig deep into niches and then provide content that is not available anywhere else and is also very popular. This is not possible every single time or else most people would not have been able to promote their websites and Blogs.

One of the best ways by which people can promote their blogs and get continuous traffic is by building their community using platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and even Discord. Although these don't provide in-depth kind of conversations, you can use these platforms to reach people around the world and bring them back to your websites and blogs when there is some new update.

Getting featured into AI generated summaries is still going to be one of the best ways to get some organic traffic, but because most of the things are going to be directly provided to the end user in a consumable format, so there will be much more competition for the references area of the AI generated content.

This will require one to do AI-SEO, still one will have to come up with great ideas to make people choose to come to your website.

Author: Mikhail
Effect of Artificial Intelligence on SEO