Are You A Mutant?
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Are You A Mutant?
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Evolution is as true as our future and it is going to happen, may you want it or may not. So, why not embrace the fact and acknowledge each others powers and work collaboratively to build a better world for every one of us.

As the day starts moving towards the dawn, I see a new kind of human. A person, who was lonely still calm, who was minding their own Business and enjoying their coffee amidst a fight that was happening around.

I have deliberately used "their" in the above paragraph so as not to reveal if the person was a man or a girl.

But the main thing here is how a person can be so calm and centered when everyone around them is fighting. Aren't they fearful of getting hurt themselves, or did they know what was going to happen?

Well, the only answer can be a type of mutation, that allows some people around the world to be calm and centered during the havoc.

Why am I stating this incident?
The reason why I am stating this incident is because I want to make everyone aware that you might be a mutant.

The mere fact that you were searching for this topic "Am I a Mutant" is an indication that you have that feeling of being somewhat different than others around you.

How to know if you are a mutant?
There are billions of people in this world. To find out if you are a mutant, one can ask a few questions;

If the answer to any 3 questions is yes, then you might be a mutant, and you should work towards finding your real power.

Why is it so?
Being different from the rest of the world is a really difficult task.

As you know, when a body part starts behaving differently, it becomes painful for the rest of the individual, but with different behaviors, different powers come in handy.

Similarly, when a human behaves differently, society might not like it, but there are new powers that accompany that individual.

Do you feel as if you train hard every single day to be better, even though you know you don't have to fight anyone?

This was what happened to me.

I always used to have a connection towards Martial Arts. From my childhood, I was fighting with myself. Used to practice my kicks and punches every day and night even though I knew I didn't have to fight any tournament.

But this was not because I wanted to play some tournament, but because I wanted to keep myself fit for life and be ready for any mishap that might happen in life. 

One of the things that happened was that no one ever used to pull my leg because people talk as per the size.

Although I was not that big, I was always big enough and fit enough to handle anyone outside and on the streets.

I had trained myself to fall on the road, get scraped, and then stand up again and fight. I knew that I could fight with even 20 to 30 people in one go.

I wasn't able to figure out this till the day I had to actually fight to save someone. 

There were several goons that I had to fight, and I was able to neutralize them this boosted my confidence and made me understand that all the hard work that I had been doing since my childhood had paid off that day.

This can be you!
Yes, that is true.

It's not just it happened to me, there are several people around the world that I have met that had come out of adversaries because they had special powers that they never knew they had.

As it is rightly said, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention", the same happens with discovering or inventing new powers that humans have stored in them.

Some people are fast as a lightning bolt, and some people are just amazing in calculations. I have seen people do things that have skills unimaginable to humans sometimes.

This can be you.

  1. Are you good at research?
  2. Are you incredibly good at some sport?
  3. Do you have the ability to stay awake the whole night, when others like me want to sleep?
  4. Do you have the ability to stay in touch with people that you met just once? Do you have amazing interpersonal skills?

There are several other powers that you may have but sometimes it might take some time to discover yours.

I am creating this thread to invite you so that you can find your true self. Comment below what you think your superpowers are and let us explore them together.

I am even going to create a community on this Forum and if you want to join the same, just click here and register and we will start our discussions.

Author: Mikhail
Are You A Mutant?