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Account Upgrades
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Please go through the below Account Upgrade Document carefully to upgrade your account.

Registered Member (Golden Star Badge - Requires Profile Picture & 15 days of active membership)
Registered users are simply New users or Newbies with a profile picture and have been active for at least 15 days. There is no fee associated with being a Registered Member.

Power Member (Green Anchor Badge - $100 per year)
If you have been a Registered Member of the Forum for at least 30 days, and have made at least 50 posts articles, or threads, you are eligible to apply for the Power Member Badge.

Your $100 donation will promote you to a Power Member, which allows you to access the Marketplace Threads, subject to marketplace terms and conditions. Plus, you will also be able to post your product and service details on the "Post A Thread" option on this forum.

Premium Membership (Pink Trophy Badge - $50 per year)
Donations to thewiki Network will be used to support the forum's costs such as hosting, software updates, and adding new features to the forum. As a reward for your donation, you will receive the option to add your products and services links to the marketplace,

Please note that this payment is not for Power Member Badge, so you cannot post to the "Post A Thread" option with this membership for your advertisements.

Note: It may take up to 7 days for your payment to be processed!



Payment Process

Step 1: Send the membership fee to 9130011968@sbi using UPI and mention the membership level. 

Step 2: Send the screenshot of your transaction to 

Step 3: Lay back as we work towards upgrading your membership.

You can connect with the Moderators in the Private Chat window for updates about your membership levels and badges.

Note: Payments once done cannot be reversed

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Account Upgrades