A Tribute to Renowned Endocrinologist Dr K L Dhar
A Tribute to Renowned Endocrinologist Dr K L DharRate:

A Tribute to Renowned Endocrinologist Dr K L Dhar

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Dr. Kanaya Lal Dhar, son of Sh. Jagan Nath Dhar, a resident of K. K. Sokhta Safakadal, Srinagar, was a true jewel that the Kashmiri Society lost on January 30, 2024, in Ludhiana. This eminent individual, with academic credentials including BSc, MBBS, and MD, left an indelible mark in the medical field.

Despite being two years senior to me, I shared a deep bond with Dr. K. L. Dhar, who reciprocated with love and guidance. His journey began with a BSc in Medical Sciences, where he excelled, earning first division with additional maths. In a challenging competition among 25 male seats, he secured admission to CMC College, Vellore, as then state Government refused him a reserved seat in the Government Quota.

After completing his MBBS with top honors, he turned down an offer for MRCP London, surprising many, including the Pope who had come to present him with a Bible. Dr. Dhar, a devoted Krishna Bhakta, exchanged the Bible for the Sacred Bhagwat Geeta. Despite being the college topper, he was compelled to pursue a three-year MD course, which he completed with flying colors.

Under family pressure, he joined the Medical Services of the Kashmir">Jammu and Kashmir Government. Dr. Dhar's integrity and noble deeds shone through when he resigned as a Medical Officer in District Doda, refusing to frame fictitious bills for expenditure. His commitment to principles and selflessness were further evident when, without waiting for full salary clearance, he left the position.

Dr. Dhar's family shifted their residence from Safakadal to Karan Nagar, closer to their medical shop famously known as Habba Kadal Medical Store. The family-run chemist shop became renowned in the old city for its comprehensive range of medicines.

Notably, the illustrious doctor, on his parents' insistence, joined CMC Vellore as the Head of Department and later relocated to CMC Ludhiana for proximity to Srinagar. Despite his international recognition and status as a renowned Endocrinologist / Physician in North India, the apathy of the Kashmir">Jammu and Kashmir Government deprived the Kashmiri Pandit Society of his valuable services.

Let us remember and honor Dr. K. L. Dhar's legacy, acknowledging his contributions to the medical field and the sacrifices he made for principles. May his departed soul find eternal peace.

Author: Mr. A K Dhar
A Tribute to Renowned Endocrinologist Dr K L Dhar
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